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Mood support in its most bioavailable form

May 17, 2019 Report

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I usually recommend a B complex to my clients. Especially if there's any sort of mood issues or stress is really high! I've had great success with this product as those who are poor methylators can still use this supplement. Get ready for energy galore!


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Slip into dreamland with this awesome blend

This tea is fantastic! Such a great combination of herbs to help you sleep. As someone with anxiety sleep doesn't come easy. My mind is always racing. This tea helps calm and relax everything in my body so I can drift off to sleep.

Focus without the caffeine jitters

I don't recommend caffeine to my clients as for most people it spikes their anxiety! No thank you! Four sigmatics coffee-free mushroom blends are a great alternative to caffeine and still give a boost to help you focus. Huge fan of this product, and would recommend for anyone who is...
by Heather

Keep that blood sugar stable with healthy fats

One of the biggest triggers for anxiety is your blood sugar swinging all over the place. These bars do a great job of stabilizing that blood sugar with healthy fats. I find I'm full for a few hours with one of these. Oh and they're super creamy!! So great there's...

A superfood with anti-inflammatory effects to boost your smoothies

I'm all about mood boosting double duty foods and moringa fits that bill! It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects (so key for reducing anxiety). It has also shown blood sugar stabilizing effects, another key for anxiety. Unsure how to use it? I blend it into smoothies, or add to some...

Give your tacos a plant-based boost

I love jackfruit because it's so versatile! Pulled pork? Check! Burritos? Check! My favourite is jackfruit tacos with sliced radishes, cabbage, avocado, cilantro, and a squirt of lime!Jackfruit is incredibly high in Vitamin B6 which helps activate GABA, your brain's main relaxing neurotransmitter. These tacos I made are a total...
by Heather

A fantastic alternative to soy!

It's not that I'm against soy, but following a plant-based diet means I rely heavily on it. It's nice to have an alternative that's just as savoury, but with a twist of sweet!I used this product in a stir fry with loads of veggies, tempeh, and cauliflower rice. Delicious!I also...
by Heather