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May 16, 2019 Report

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Iron is a mineral that your body uses to make hemoglobin. It is essential especially for women to have iron as iron deficency can create too many problems. With low levels, our bodies especially our hearts need to work 10x harder to perform at its optimal level. Our hearts don't need the added stress to be working harder as it results to further health issues. Supplementing can be helpful if you are animea or experience low levels of iron. To be sure, check with your doctors. 


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Replace your cup of joe for MATCHA!

My favourite type of MATCHA is CEREMONIAL! 🍵I love whisking my tea for the little foam peaks to appear and then quickly adding hot water to make my GREEN looking tea. I find the making of Matcha so fun and super delicious! 🥰Why Ceremonial and not the rest? Because ceremonial...
by Britany || Whole On Life

Spring Inner Cleanning!

RE-CLEANSE (7 days) : With the spring around the corner, I want to reset myself with a little mild detox getting into the spring time ( which is known to be the best time to do a “cleanse”. This cleanse has defintley kick started my body with only positive changes!...
by Britany || Whole On Life

Add VEGIDAY Vegan Protein to your favourite Recipes!

When tackling my things to do list, I reach for healthy snacks. One of them is my energy balls that are filled with healthy ingridents including lots of protein to stay satiated. Snacking on these yummy #energyballs filled with @vegiday protein powder make my busy day so much easier! 🌿...
by Britany || Whole On Life

Staying Hydrated with Clean Water!

Hydration is key💦!Our bodies are made up of about 50-65% water. However, we need clean water to stay hydrated. But what does “clean water” mean? Our tap water is not considered “clean”, yes you can drink it but it isn’t the most hydrating and healthiest water you are drinking. You...
by Britany || Whole On Life