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No more fatigue!

May 16, 2019 Report

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I’m always on-the-go and that affects what foods I bring, this truly helped with keeping my energy high and making sure I’ve consumed my B vitamins for the day. The most important thing I love about it is that it’s from whole foods!!!


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Nature's Source


An all-in-one cleanser!

I love this product. It removes makeup and dirt from my face with ease. It keeps the moisture in my skin so it doesn’t feel dry at the end. 
by Maria Manrique

Our favourite go-to!

I’m not a fan of drinking plain water so this helped me drink water. It also helped maintain my electrolytes throughout the day, and that’s important as an athlete.
by Maria Manrique

One of my fav crunchy snacks!

Ever craved crunch and sweetness at the same time? This is the treat for you! It has a healthy profile and taste!!
by Maria Manrique

Replace the chemicals!

I was reluctant to switch because the quality might not be the same but this is so much better than the high end products we find at Sephora or any beauty store! 
by Maria Manrique

Favourite and portioned snacks!

I love these when I’m on the go and looking for something sweet!
by Maria Manrique

Works well on dry scalp!

So my boyfriend had been struggling with dandruff from dry scalp and this was the only combination that helped with the flakes on his head. I started using it too because I started to have an itchy scalp this season, however, I have coloured hair and I found it did...
by Maria Manrique