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Keep Your Joints Healthy!

May 16, 2019 Report

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I love using collagen to support my gut and joints and this product is fantastic! Not only is it marine collagen so more people can use it but coming from genuine health it’s guaranteed great quality! I find the powder is more effective towards the joints and improvement of hair, skin & nails. This product is a must!


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Nature's Source


Omega 3’s without the fishy burps!

Good quality fish oils to add your everyday supplement routine and ensure you’re getting enough quality EPA & DHA. The flavouring helps reduce the notorious fishy burps that sometimes come with taking fish oil capsules or liquids

Great Digestive Tincture!

I love the Genestra products and even more because of these tinctures! Specific to gut health to help your clients with digestive issues, this is a great option and guaranteed quality. 
by Monika Sobota

Boost your day with this superfood!

I’m totally knew to trying moringa but have always heard how great the benefits of it are! I decided to give it a try thanks to Vistamag Canada & Peopletail and here’s the review!Changing up the morning routine! I’ve been super stressed out and not feeling myself lately and had...