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May 14, 2019 Report

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I am rarely without these four powerhouses in my medicine cabinet. 

As someone who has struggled with with adrenal dysfunction in the past, using AOR's Ortho-Adapt was a game changer for me. It is a well thought out formula of key nutrients and supplementation that is ideal for supporting your body after, and during, long periods of stress. It boasts a whopping 800mg of licorice - a potent adrenal nourisher - and nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin B5 - both of which your adrenals chew through when in "fight or flight" mode. After about a month of taking this supplement regularly, I started to see a real change in my ability to deal with my longer term stress reponse and also to recover more quickly from acute moments of stress. I would recommend this for people in the throes of exhaustion due to chronic stress.

Once I shifted past the hardest part of my recovery I switched to using Purica's Ashwagandha on a daily basis for about 3 months. This was another powerful experience in that I noticed within a week a massive shift in my ability to focus on tasks at hand and also my body's ability to sustain energy throughout the day instead of wanting to crash in the afternoon and by 7pm at night. I now keep this on hand and will take it for a couple of days here or there when I'm dealing with a particularly hectic schedule one week or when I know there are going to be a couple of full-on days ahead. This just helps prep my body to adapt to and resist my stress response. 

I'm a fairly new convert to a belief in homeopathy, and I know I still have a lot to learn, but what I do know is that my experience with taking Boiron Arnica Montana 6ch is that it's effectiveness cannot reputed. I have an old back injury that at times flares up and causes me a great deal of pain and imobility and quite literally the first time I took oral arnica, within 15 minutes I was virtually pain free. I have recommended this multiple times to people who come into my shop with any sort of pain and they are now repeat customers who swear by it's effectiveness. 

A.Vogel Echinacea Force Throat Spray is the bomb! It's super handy to carry around in your purse, or bag, so you can easily give yourself a few shots in moments when you are feeling like you need/want a bit of immune support. For example, when riding public transit, I always take a few shots once I get off as there are so many germs flying around on buses and trains. I use it when my throat feels a bit scratchy from allergies or smoky and dusty air and of course, if I do feel like a cold is trying to make an appearance I will triple down on my dosage to keep it at bay. 

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