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I love adding a crunchy bite to my food!

May 08, 2019

 I don’t like routine. I like spontaneity! Variety is the spice of life after all. Besides taste, I’m a texture girl. I love adding a crunchy bite to my food. Planet Hemp Superfood Super-Seeds in Savoury Onion flavour are AMAZE-BALLS in my avocado toast! So healthy and so versatile! You can sprinkle these super-seeds on literally anything for a crunchy boost of whole food nutrition.⁣⁣

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Planet Hemp Superfood Super Seeds Savoury Onion

About me
I’ve had so many compliments on my hair health lately. How thick and how shiny it looks. All I can say is that the results speak for themselves. For over a month I have been taking Hair Volume an all-natural hair supplement by New Nordic Canada thanks. Before that, my hair...

by Seidy Rayo

Making some smooth moves with Renew Life Organic Clear Fibre

Adding fibre to your favourite foods has never been so easy! I definitely don’t consume as much fibre as I should. Women need 25 grams of fibre per day and men need 38 grams of fibre per day, but most only get half of that amount. ⠀Renew Life Organic Clear...

by Seidy Rayo

By far the absolute best basmati on the market!

I love rice. I eat rice fairly regularly. Tilda Pure Original Basmati Rice is my absolute favorite. I don't use any other basmati. It is truly superior, very floral and aromatic but not overpowering. I love it plain or with curries, pilafs, kebabs, stews, it goes well with everything. The...

by Seidy Rayo

Is it the perfect soy sauce replacement? YES!

Sushi without soy sauce is about as depressing as salad without dressing but instead of drowning your salmon roll in the go-to condiment (which is rich in sodium and contains gluten), you might want to reach for Coconut Secret Organic Coconut Aminos Seasoning Sauce. It's soy free and much healthier...

by Seidy Rayo