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April 09, 2019 Report

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If you struggle with sleep and you've tried other options, investing in a salt lamp might be your fix. 

For months now, I've had no problems falling asleep, but staying asleep is a whole other question. Limiting electronic use at night, reading before bed, breathing -- not much as worked.

I purchased this salt lamp about a month ago and I've experienced a noticable difference in my sleep quality, much to my surprise. I turn it on about 1-1.5 hours before I plan to sleep so I can limit my exposure to bright lights from my overhead light. What I really like about this light is the ambience is provides in my bedroom. It isn't overly bright, but enough so that it makes  a lovely orange glow and still provides enough light that you can read a book.

Since buying this lamp, I haven't had any troubles sleeping through the night. I don't tend to leave it on, but it helps me to relax and limit my exposure to bright light at night (I was using my overhead light until I went to sleep). The shape of the lights are also quite intriguing, so it adds a bit of interest. I have multiple lights now and each light is unique in shape and colour variation, so some are more orange than others.

For the size and price of these lamps, you can't go wrong. And they're also a great option to add to many rooms, not just the bedroom. 


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by Andrea Barrett
by Andrea Barrett
by Andrea Barrett

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