Peopletail is a marketplace everyone can shop, sell and earn.

Once upon a time, product reviews came from your immediate circle — it might have been a neighbour who told you about a lawn care product, or a friend raving about a new moisturizer.

Today, the internet is bursting with reviews on everything from beauty products to vitamins. Our purchases are influenced by what we hear about, read about, or watch online and in day-to-day conversation. Whether you currently have a social media presence or not, you’ve likely influenced someone on a product you’ve tried - or vowed never to try again.

Peopletail is a community, where consumers, just like you, can leave honest reviews on just about anything you can buy online. It’s a platform for anyone who wants to shop, sell, and earn.

Earn rewards by publishing product reviews that help consumers shop smarter. Or, if you’d like to make the most of Peopletail, enroll in our Partner Program and participate in marketing campaigns with emerging and established brands.

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Partner Program

Our Partner Program connects you to become part of the marketing campaigns for both emerging and established brands. It helps brands with their marketing needs, as well enables them to obtain commercial rights to use your content through Licensing and Sponsored campaigns.