Do you love to discover, try and review new products?
Peopletailer’s earn rewards and reputation for the quality of their reviews. They get to participate in sampling campaigns where they’ll continuously get to discover, try and review products they like.

“We are here to help you become the best Peopletailer possible. Our team provides education, tips and tricks for publishing product reviews on Peopletail

Zahra Abbas

Community Manager, Peopletail

How to qualify?

  • Register on Peopletail

  • Complete your profile with photo and short bio

  • Publish at least 3 reviews for products you’ve previously used

  • We’ll review your profile and reviews, and if your a good fit, we’ll invite you to a private Facebook community where you’ll have the opportunity to participate in future sampling campaigns

  • You’ll be able to learn about products before you order them

  • Order products you wish to try and review at no cost to you

  • All products will be shipped to you for free across Canada

  • You’ll be given a timeframe to try each product, and then write a review of it on Peopletail

  • You’ll earn rewards for the quality of your reviews, and every time they generate sales at select retailers

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