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Frequently asked questions

For Users

What is Peopletail?

There’s nothing quite like Peopletail -- it’s a one-of-a-kind product review community, an online hub where people can shop, share, experience and learn. Peopletail works with Brand and Retailers to help them collect reviews at-scale through a community of users who love to publish and share unbiased, fun and creative ways they use their products.

What makes Peopletail different?

There’s a lot that sets Peopletail apart. For one, all your reviews become shoppable, and you can earn rewards for purchases others make thanks to your review. When you join Peopletail, you create your own profile page where you can include photos, videos and descriptions, about how you use certain products that will inspire and educate others. Your profile page serves as your personal store, brand and shopping platform for others.

What sets Peopletail apart is that it’s not a community made up of sponsored, directed content creators -- it’s populated by everyday people who are committed to sharing reviews, making recommendations and developing unique, exclusive content. At Peopletail, brands don’t tell us who they are -- consumers and users do!

Is there any cost to join?

There are no hidden fees, no membership dues, and no cost to upload content. Peopletail is absolutely free to use.

How do I update my profile page (photo / bio / social links)?

What is the leaderboard?

Think of the leaderboard as a way to earn star power among other users in the community. The leaderboard is particularly beneficial for members of the Partner Program as it increases your probability of being selected for specific campaigns and working with brands. The higher your ranking, the better your chances of working with brands and retailers. There are perks and benefits to utilizing Peopletail, and the leaderboard gets you there.

Do you have tips on how to move up the leaderboard?

Good question. You can easily move up the leaderboard by earning stars.

What / Who are Supernova’s?

Supernova’s are users in the Peopletail community who have been identified and selected by the Peopletail team as power users, who frequently publish the creative and original product reviews. Supernova’s also get to participate in select campaigns reserved only for them.

How do I earn stars?

You can earn:

4 stars for a review with photos

11 stars for a review with videos

14 stars for a review with photos and videos

3 stars for referring new users to Peopletail via your unique referral link

25 stars each time you win a Challenge

Bonus stars for ‘kudos’ received on your reviews

What are Peopletail Coins?

Think of it as an exclusive Peopletail currency. You can redeem these for items in the Rewards Store (coming soon).

What can I do with coins I earn?

Peopletail Coins can buy gift cards and prizes available in the Rewards Store (coming soon).

Is there a limit on how many reviews I can create?

You're free to create as many reviews as you wish. All of your reviews will be featured on your profile page where others can shop them anytime.

How many Retailers can I add in a single review?

Currently, up to 6 Retailers can be featured under “Available At” in a single review.

How many photos / videos can I add in a post?

You can add up to 4 photos or videos (or a combination of both types of media) in your reviews.

Can I add photos / videos that are not mine?

We ask you to only add photo s/ videos that are yours, or those you have permission to use.

How do I edit or delete a review?

Partner Program

Who can enroll in the Partner Program?

The Partner Program is open to all users. It’s an optional opportunity to participate in campaigns within the Peopletail community, as well as with Brands and Retailers.

Who gets selected to participate in Sampling Campaigns?

Currently, only Supernova’s can participate in Sampling Campaigns.

Do I have to post positive reviews on products I receive during a Sampling Campaign?

We want you to be as honest as possible. That means no fluff necessary -- just be authentic and share / demonstrate your experiences of how you used the products.

What happens if I order a product in a Sampling Campaign and I don’t receive it?

In the rare occasion you did not received your order, please email us at - and we will reply promptly.

Do I get paid money through Sampling Campaigns?

No; you are only given the product at no charge, in exchange for publishing an honest review of how you liked or used the product.

How much can I earn through Licensing Campaigns?

You can earn up to $50 per photo and $500 per video.

How much can I earn through Sponsored Campaigns?

You can earn up to $500 per photo campaign, and $2500 per video campaign that you will be asked to create with guidance from the brand.

Do I get to approve which brands I work with during Sponsored Campaigns?

Yes! You have full right to approve brands that want to hire you for Sponsored Campaigns.

Do I have to follow a brief for Sponsored Campaigns?

Prior to asking you to commit to any campaign, you will be given complete product info as well as a brief from the brand. The brief will outline ideas of what they would like you to do -- like coming up with a recipe, for example. You have full creative direction, but the brand reserves the right to provide a brief that must be followed.

How do I get paid for licensing or Sponsored Campaigns?

We send all payments via Paypal, less a 30% service fee per campaign. Payouts typically take about 30 days after your work has been submitted.

For Brands & Retailers

How many products can we send out during Sampling Campaigns?

Currently we offer 25, 50 and 100 unit campaigns.

Do we get to choose who participates in Sampling Campaigns?

Currently, only users with Supernova status can participate in Sampling Campaigns.

How long can I license photos and videos?

Your license is for lifetime usage for photos and videos.

Can we select specific users to participate in Sponsored Campaigns?

Yes, you can let us know of users who you think will be a good fit. Ultimately, it’s up to each user to approve their involvement with your campaign.

I'm a Retailer or Brand. How can I get listed with Peopletail?

Please email us at

What is the difference between Challenges, Sampling, Licensing and Sponsored Campaigns?

Challenges are contests that are created to call upon people to submit products, as well as accompanying ideas on how to use them. People can choose what Challenges to participate in, depending on what’s relevant to their lives. Users have the opportunity to win products or gift cards, depending on the type of challenge entered.

Sampling campaigns offer brands the ability to send out multiple products to users (Supernova’s), who will get to try and publish honest reviews of the products. The type of review -- whether it’s written, still photographed or captured on video -- will be at the discretion of the user.

Licensing campaigns allow brands to obtain the commercial rights to use photos and videos from our users in their own marketing campaigns. We offer a simple process to download users’ original photos and videos.

Sponsored campaigns allow brands to hire specific users for product review campaigns. Brands are invited to provide a creative brief on what they would like users to complete for the review. Users must approve all campaign requests prior to agreement. For consumer transparency and awareness purposes, sponsored reviews are denoted as “Sponsored” on Peopletail.

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