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Build Awareness with Challenges

Peopletail offers Challenges - where users participate in contests and come up with creative ways to publish product reviews in exchange for winning rewards. Examples of Challenges involve recipe creations, how-to’s, demonstrations, educational explainers and much more.

The turnkey process starts with Peopletail’s team promoting your product, your Challenge and the reward users can win. They identify and select users across the community to participate in the campaign where they get to try your product for free -in exchange for publishing a creative (yet honest) review.

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For brands and retailers, Challenges are a great way to collect product reviews at scale. There are numerous reasons why product reviews are becoming so important in today’s market, and what makes Peopletail’s reviews different than other platforms in the industry.

If your interested in conducting a Challenge, book a call with a member of the Peopletail team by clicking here.