PURE-LE Naturals Pre+Probiotic

PURE-LE Naturals Pre+Probiotic

Ended January 31, 2022 EST


 You have most likely heard about probiotics and their role in digestive and immune health. But what about prebiotics. Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that naturally live in your digestive system. They keep your digestive system running properly, and fight pathogenic (disease causing bad) bacteria. Certain probiotics have been linked to specific health benefits. Prebiotics are specific types of dietary fibers that are the “food” for probiotics. Prebiotics are needed to help probiotics grow and remain in your digestive system. Not all fibers are prebiotics. Without adequate prebiotics to feed them, taking probiotics may just be a waste of your time and money. Pure-lē Organic Prebiotic + Probiotic provides you with the optimal combination of organic prebiotics with probiotics. Pure-lē Organic Prebiotic + Probiotic is the ideal digestive protection and relief for everyone (teens, adults and seniors).

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Bottle of Purele Pre+Probiotic


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Replenish and feed the good bacteria in your Gut, vegetarian friendly too!

Digestion is one of the most important foundation for good health. The best way to support it is to consume whole foods, stay well hydrated and get enough rest. At times of stress, you may consider adding supplemental support like a probiotics.  Pure-Le ORGANIC Vegan Pre + Probiotic is a...

A probiotic with the right balance of prebiotics to simplify your digestive health

So I've had the pleasure of trying out this great pro-biotic supplement from PureLe.  Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that naturally exist in our digestive systems, and are crucial to maintaining proper digestive function. When our digestive system is working properly we will see such improvements as clearer skin, reduced...

Two In One - Pre and Probiotic by Pure-Le

Product: Pure-lē Organic Prebiotic + Probiotic Reviewer: @HolisticJudith With a personal history of leaky gut, probiotics have become part of my wellness routine. Probiotics on their own do help but partnered with a prebiotic the benefits are optimized. So what are these ‘biotics anyways? Probiotic refers to the beneficial bacteria...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Find out how to keep your gut happy!

Did you know that prebiotics are food for the probiotics? Probiotics are healthy gut bacteria that you want to be able to grow for a happy & healthy gut.  I have been taking the Pure-Le brand & have found it’s really been helping me with digestion.  I started researching &...
by Andrea Kadnar

Gut health is important and adding a probiotic that has a prebiotic is the way to go!

Over the years, I've taken probiotics every now and then but, I've been using probiotics on a daily basis for the past few years to rebuild my microbiome. Why? Because I was on some heavy duty antibiotics a few years ago for a month straight after suffering some health issues....

Gut health is key to overall health!

I didn't know very much about prebiotics before I started using this. I knew that probiotics were microorganisms in your gut that can aid in nutrient absorption. I I knew that probiotics were microorganisms but I didn't know that you needed to feed them which is where prebiotics come in....
by Jenn Letendre

Pure-Le Organic Pre + Probiotic

A few months ago I was diagnosed with IBS, for those that aren’t aware, that’s irritable bowel syndrome. Its been challenging to find a routine, and organic supplements that support a healthy gut and overall digestive health for IBS. After speaking with my doctor, they highly recommended incorporating probiotic products...
by Krystle W

Gut Health-Pure-Le Naturals Pre and Probiotic

Pure-Le Naturals has created the perfect Pre and Probiotic supplement.  This product is organic, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free and helps to promote a healthy biome.  Probiotics are the heathy bacteria that naturally live in our digestive systems, help to keep everything running properly and fight against pathogenic bacteria (bad bacteria). Probiotics...
by Kiley Briscoe

Gut Health Essential ⭐️

Prebiotics are not the same as Probiotics, however they do work together synergistically - meaning, when combined, they work better at making our gastrointestinal tract healthy. Here’s how:  ⭐️ PROBIOTICS are the live organisms in our gut that we often refer to as “good bacteria”. This powerful army of diverse...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

A pre/probiotic you can count on

Dealing with gut issues is never easy, I have had chronic muscle and stomach aches for years and I am constantly trying to find that quick fix or the lifestyle that helps me to be my best me. Most recently I have started using the Pure-Le pre + probiotic. At...
by Tyler Simpson