Warming Relaxation Masks

Warming Relaxation Masks

Ended November 26, 2021 EST



About this product:

Polar Naturals single-use warming relaxation mask. The idea is to relax you, and give you complete darkness to help you sleep.  

Gently tear open the eye mask package, upon exposure to open air, the mask will begin to heat up slowly (like those hot paws for your gloves). To speed the process you can gently shake the mask.  Gently pull the elastic band over your ears and place the mask over your eyes. Keep your eyes closed during the entire use. Mask will keep at a constant temperature of 40 degrees (104F) for approx. 20-30 minutes. 

Ingredients:  Lavender, Artemisia Argyi NON-woven fabric, reduced iron powder, activated carbon

What you have to do:


It's important to talk about the importance of complete darkness when sleeping. This is especially useful for people who struggle with sleep and how any kind of light can affect REM.  The warming elements help to relax.  This is also a great idea for travel.


Especially for a product like this, your opinion and experience are valuable.  We are looking for a couple of great lifestyle shots as well as video reviews. No longer than 1 minute, please film in landscape mode (phone sideways)

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What you will receive:

You will receive two masks each.  

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Heated mask helps relax tired eyes.

I still remember my first time using a heated mask. Such a nice, relaxing experience. I became hooked and ordered them all the time. The first brand I tried was called space mask. They are pretty pricey so I decided to try other brands and although the fit and style...
by Cheyenne mitchell

Eye Recommend! Self-Heating Eye Masks

Product: Polar Naturals Warming Relaxation Mask Review by: @HolisticJudith These self-heating eye masks are a new favourite of mine. Not only are they relaxing, they are functional for eliminating nighttime light pollution in your room and also do a terrific job of soothing dry eyes. A dark room is a...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

I had the best sleep ever using Polar Naturals single use Warm Relaxation Mask!

I've never used a sleep mask in my entire life ever before. So it was kinda funny looking back from last night. Here's what happened to me and I felt kinda "not smart" to be truthful but it was too funny when I realized how to use them properly today....

Are you ready to relax?

The holidays are here & although they are fun, they can also be stressful, it’s important to take some time to relax whether it’s early in the morning or at the end of the night.  Sometimes we can also feel fatigued from too much screen time.  I tried out these...
by Andrea Kadnar

Relaxing Eye Mask-Polar Naturals Single Use Warm Relaxation Mask

I have been struggling with tired, strained eyes a lot recently due to electronic usage and blue light exposure and these warming relaxation masks from Polar Naturals have helped incredibly.  Just like Hot Paws hand and foot warmers, the Polar Naturals Single Use Warm Relaxation Mask activates when exposed to...

Lavender Warming Relaxation Mask

Warming Relaxation Mask If you’re looking for a relaxing eye mask check this out! Polar Naturals single-use warming mask is designed to provide you with relaxation and complete darkness to help you sleep.   If you are like me you need complete darkness to fully fall asleep and this did not...
by Tashekia White

Just what everyone needs at the end of the day

This is such an amazing mask. I love that it's so easy to use. Simply open the package wait one to two minutes or if you're impatient shake the mask to start the warming process. The mask will stay warm for 20 to 30 minutes and has natural lavender aromatherapy....

Polar Naturals - Single Use Relaxation Mask

Night time can be such a struggle sometimes. I find on the nights that my anxiety is really high that I get bothered easily by the smallest lights that can be on in my room. It makes for an awful night of sleep.  I was recently gifted the Polar Natural...

Good night, Sleep Tight ............. (Polar Naturals single-use warming relaxation mask)

I've never used an eye mask for sleeping, especially one that heats up, so these are really new to me. They are single use and contain 1 mask in each pouch.  I found them really simple to use. Just open the package and remove the mask give it a little...