Pure'le Natural ACTIVE B12

Pure'le Natural ACTIVE B12

Ended October 29, 2021 EST



About this product:

Key points to understand that differentiates this B-12 from others

1.  This is ACTIVE b-12.  Active B12 is when B12 binds to transcobalamin protein this makes it available to cells to use. It's active b-12 that you need to consider especially if you are treating thyroid issues, fatigue or any problems associated with a deficiency in b-12

2.  Kosher / Vegan

3.  Flavour is not synthetic.  This is very important to consider for overall health. Sometimes when you see "Natural Ingredients" it's not truly natural and the flavour is sourced from synthetic products.  Pure-Le B-12 flavour is from actual cherries and raspberries. 

4.  No sweetener used.  The sweetness comes from the glycerin

What you need to do:

1.  Photos / Videos - we are looking short video up to a minute, must be on camera

2.  Review -  remember that while education about a product is important, so is your review.  How did it taste? How did it make you feel?

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What you receive:

1 bottle of Pure-Le Active B12

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Easily Absorbed + Naturally Flavoured B12

Vitamin B12 is essential for your health. This is because it helps your body form red blood cells (which carry oxygen throughout your body), protects your DNA, and supports your nervous system - some pretty major jobs! We get this essential vitamin in the foods we eat, such as meat...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

B12 deficiency is more common than you might think!

Pure Le Natural has an active B-12 that is very easily absorbed by the body. Did you know that many people experience a B12 deficiency and may not even be aware of it. It can take up to 5 years to actually show up. B-12 is stored in our organs...

The Most Active Form of B12-Pure-le Natural's Active B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency is no joke and affects 40% of the population.  Those most affected are vegans and vegetarians as vitamin B12 can be found in meats and dairy.  Just because you are a meat eater though, doesn't mean that you might not be suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency!  Some...

Pure-Le Natural Active B-12

Over the last month, my energy levels have taken a dip. I have a lot on my plate and find myself completely wiped most of the time. Moving, doctors appointments, raising two young girls and trying to go back to college can be overwhelming.  During this stressful time, we were...
by Krystle W

A naturally flavoured Active B12!

I recently had the opportunity to try Active B12 by Pure-le Natural.  It really helped with the fatigue I have been experiencing.  I will be getting some blood work done in the near future & go for a visit to my Doctor to see where my B12 levels are at.  ...
by Andrea Kadnar

Biologically active B12 drops to restore energy and stamina !

Great tasting vegan B12 drops that are in biologically active form. They are easily and quickly absorbed into our blood stream to give out energy levels  and stamina a quick boost. 

A delicious way to get more energy!

I was so excited to try this B12 supplement from Pure'le because I actually take a B12 supplement every day! As a plant-based Holistic Nutritionist I know that you're at risk of B12 deficiency if you follow a vegan diet. Vitamin B12 is key for mood and energy, and helps...
by Heather

Is this you at 3pm?

That's me at 1pm!! No energy. Resorting to coffee until I discovered Pure-Le Naturals B12 Liquid Vitamins.  If that sounds sales pitchy, it's meant to!  B vitamins give you energy!  Pretty much every cell in your body uses B vitamins for energy and B12 converts fats and protein into expendable...
by Tarra Clark

Lull no more!

Lull no more thanks to Pure-lē Natural high-potency vitamin B12 sublingual drops! These B12 drops support nervous system function and help maintain normal metabolism. Active B12 Sublingual Drops by Pure-lē Natural provides 1,000 mcg of Active vitamin B12. Features: Increase Energy, Physical Endurance & Stamina Helps to form red blood...
by Hayley Savanna