Bene-max - Sleep

Bene-max - Sleep

Ended October 29, 2021 EST



BENEMAX is proud to Introduce the most COMPLETE sleep gummy in North America, it's got it all.

  • Entirely plant-based
  • Carrageenan-free
  • Preservative-free
  • Nut-free
  • Helps to prevent the effects of jet lag
  • Provides your body with a deep, and restful sleep

Medicinal Ingredients: Ginkgo biloba- 50 mg | Inositol- 60 mg | L-5-HTP- 20 mg | Rhodiola- 50 mg | Siberian ginseng- 100 mg | Vitamin B150 mgNon-Medicinal Ingredients: Gelatin / Magnesium Stearate/ Microcrystalline celluloseWhat you need to do:

Video:  We are looking for short video reviews (1-2mins)

Photos: Please include a lifestyle photo

Review:  Your written review should include education on the benefits of sleep but also the amazing ingredients (interesting to note this does not include melatonin). As it's a gummie your review should also include a review on TASTE.

What you will receive:

1 x bottle of Bene-max Sleep Gummies

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Helps promote a good night's sleep.

If you're someone like myself who has a crazy work schedule and kids who never sleep Benemax Sleep Gummies might be exactly what you need.  I personally have a hard time shutting my mind off at the end of the day. Fortunately I am one of the few people that...
by Cheyenne mitchell

Benemax Health has a new Sleep Gummy and it works great!

I have a hard time with sleep due to stress and anxiety always creeping in right before bedtime. It's as if everything comes at me all at once right when i should be drifting off into a peaceful night. I'm sure I'm not alone.  Sleep is one of the most...

Fall Asleep Faster and Stay Asleep Longer with Benemax Sleep

Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with Benemax Sleep.  Benemax Sleep is a plant based sleep/stress support supplement made right here in Canada.  The product is is dairy free, gluten free, nut free, mercury free and carrageenan free.  Benemax sleep comes in a berry delicious flavour and is made...

Wake up feeling refreshed!

I have been taking melatonin for a while now & wanted to try a different type of supplement to help with my sleep.  Benemax Sleep Gummies helped me get into a deep sleep & I felt so refreshed when I woke up,  in the past other supplements have made me...
by Andrea Kadnar

Savouring the flavour on these Sleep Gummies for a better slumber

Combining of calming herbs, vitamins and minerals, these Sleep Gummies by BeneMax can give some extra support to our constantly taxed nervous system.  Chamomile, valerian, B6, Zinc, magnesium bisglycinate are just a few of the nervine relaxants and micronutrients in these gummies to compliment the calming effects of melatonin and...
by Astrid - Heal me in the Kitchen

Sleep after 5 months

I gave my sister-in-law some Benemax Sleep Gummies because she hasn't been sleeping in over 5 months.  I knew she needed some help. I asked her to try them because if they worked for her, they could help so many other people and she would be the ultimate test. This...
by Tarra Clark

Benemax Plant Based Sleep Gummies

Lately, life has really been throwing us all some curveballs. From Covid 19, to vaccines, to family life and even our education, I hear more and more that everyone around me is losing an incredible amount of sleep from the stress they are under. I too, was only getting about...
by Krystle W

Soo sleepy... ZzZzz

In my adult life, I cannot recall a time where I have been able to “sleep-great” for more than a few days consecutively. I wish I could just blame it on my partner due to his sometimes loud snoring, but I know that is not the case as when he...
by Hayley Savanna

I actually woke up rested and refreshed!

I have a busy life!  Busy with more than the occasional side of stress. I try to stop working (at whatever) a couple of hours before bedtime.  I know I need that time to chill and let go of the day if I have any hope of sleeping.  Even when...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

All I want for Christmas is a good nights sleep..........................(Benemax Sleep Gummies)

One of the things that has been so hard for me this year is staying asleep all night. I have been able to fall asleep but I wake up a few hours later and it takes forever to fall back a sleep. I recently tried out Benemax Sleep Gummies and...