Immunity Gummy

Immunity Gummy

Ended October 29, 2021 EST



BENEMAX is proud to Introduce the most COMPLETE sleep gummy in North America, it's got it all.

  • Entirely plant-based
  • Carrageenan-free
  • Preservative-free
  • Nut-free

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1 x bottle of Bene-max Immunity Gummies

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Great Tasting Immunity Gummies

We’re told the flu is expected to return this year, so it’s extra important that focus on our immune health.  Benemax immune gummies are a simple and tasty way to support our immune systems by offering high potency doses of Echinacea and Elderberry (which are both anti-microbial and immune stimulating),...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Delicious Immune Gummies

Have you ever heard of vitamin fatigue? If not I'm claiming this saying.  I've been taking vitamins for many years, I know the benefits of staying consistent (as in you have to take them consistently for a while in order to gain all the tremendous benefits) but it can be...
by Tarra Clark

Keep Your Immune System boosted with a great gummie from Benemax!

I started using Benemax Immune Gummies this month to help boost up my immune system as I want to stay healthy during the upcoming cold and flu season.    I love they are formulated with the exact herbals, vitamins and minerals that is recommended by many health professionals right now, to...

Gimme the Gummie! Benemax Immune Gummies

Product: Benemax Immune Gummies If you want a super easy yummy way to boost your immunity, here it is: Benemax Immune Gummie. Free from junk like additives, preservatives and carrageenan, they offer a really decent dose of Echinacea, Elderberry, Vitamin C and Zinc – all cold and flu busting goodness....
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

The Most Delicious Immune Gummy- Benemax Immune

Benemax Immune is a plant based vitamin containing Vitamin C, Zinc Citrate, echinacea, and elderberry extract.  More and more companies now a days are using pectin instead of gelatin, which is a protein derived from animals, and I am happy to say that Benemax is one of these companies.  The...

Benemax Immunity Support Gummies

Last weekend, my girls brought home a cold from their visitations. It has been wreaking havoc on our family since. Runny noses have been a main symptom. Typical seasonal cold.  Recently, we were gifted the @Benemaxhealth immunity support gummies, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. These gummies...
by Krystle W

Wow these are tasty gummies!

We know the best way to support our immune systems is to get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, especially plants, limit sugar, stay hydrated, exercise, and manage stress.  Many of us strive to do that, but there are days, weeks...sometimes longer, when we just miss the mark.  And, with cold...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Immune boosting gummies that the whole family loves!!

These gummies contain Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea and Elderberries; all ingredients that are known to boost immunity and prevent us from getting sick during the cold and flu season. They are vegan, gluten and nut free, and taste so good that even my kids loved them!! Be sure to have...

Bring on immunity with BeneMAX Immune Gummies!

With a global pandemic still looming around us and living in a COVID-19 hotspot province (right now, as per the latest testing numbers), it has never been so important to build and promote a healthy immune system or immunity in general. The thing is, we should be proactive when it...
by Hayley Savanna