Upfront Cosmetics - Bars = 9 options

Upfront Cosmetics - Bars = 9 options

Ended October 29, 2021 EST



We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Upfront Cosmetics! 


Upfront Cosmetics is all about reducing your carbon footprint. Our shampoo and conditioning bars are 65 grams of nutrient richness without the water weight or the plastic bottle. We use plant-based emollients and proteins to make your hair shiny and soft, and natural essential oils to refresh, awaken, stimulate, and soothe. READ MORE HERE

Vegan - Paraben Free - Sulphate-Free - No Animal Testing

At Upfront Cosmetics, we aim to empower you to make decisions based on understanding. We believe ingredients should be as easy to understand as they are to ingest. Each of the products is free from silicones, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, petroleum, formaldehyde & animal ingredients. For your reference, here are the classifications and considerations of said ingredients and our motivations for omitting them from our formulas.

What you need to do:


Your written review should include some education about the need to reduce plastics, and why parabens and sulfates are not healthy.  Remember to include your personal review.

2) Photo / Videos

We are looking for short videos (1-2 mins) also a lifestyle photo  PLEASE NOTE:  A simple photo of you holding the product at your face will not suffice. Be creative!  


You must be willing to share these posts on your social media.  Please include the following hashtags: #upfrontcosmetics @upfrontcosmetics #peopletail @peopletail #reviewsmatter

What will you receive?

You may choose ONE (1) bar.  (see below list)

Bars Available: Each bar has a link that you can get more information by clicking. 

1.  Invigorating Conditioner

2.  Neutral Shampoo

3.  Neutral Conditioner

4.  Refreshing Shampoo

 5.  Soothing Shampoo

6.  Enlivening Shampoo

7.  Enlivening Conditioner

8.  Peppermint Lotion Bar

9.  Lavender Lotion Bar

ORDERING LINK:  https://peopletail.myshopify.com



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  • You agree to publish a review of the product(s) you receive within two (2) weeks of receiving it.

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Now is the time to switch to a shampoo bar from Upfront Cosmetics!

I've always wanted to try a shampoo bar but have been skeptical as to whether they actually cleaned your hair or not. I really didn't know what to expect. I could not believe how beautifully the Upfront Cosmetics  Refreshing Shampoo Bar lathered up. I had never ever used a shampoo...

Upfront Cosmetics Refreshing Shampoo Bar-A Great Plastic Free Alternative

Have you made the switch to a shampoo bar yet?!  Upfront Cosmetics Refreshing Shampoo Bar makes for the perfect switch!  This 65 gram shampoo bar is the equivalent of three bottles of shampoo!  This tiny thing equals three bottles?!  Say what?!  Three million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in...

Bar None - Amazing Product: Hair Conditioning Bar from Upfront Cosmetics

Product: Enlivening Condtioning Bar from Upfront Cosmetics   I have long, ridiculously fine, thin hair. When I wash it, I use both rinse-out and leave-in conditioner to be able to get a comb through that would otherwise be a rat’s nest. When trying out the Enlivening Conditioner Bar, I decided to...

A lotion you can feel good about using 🌿

I am obsessed with these lavender lotion bars made by Upfront Cosmetics! They're made with natural ingredients such as raw unrefined shea and cocoa butter, & they left my skin feeling hydrated & soft without feeling greasy, I also really enjoy the lavender scent & they smell like cocoa butter...
by Andrea Kadnar

Don't mistake this Shampoo bar as a fat bomb, smells good enough to eat.

The Neutral Shampoo Bar by Upfront cosmetics is a solid shampoo bar that is made from all natural ingredients with minimal packaging. It would be suitable for someone sensitive to scent,  harsh chemical ingredients, environmentally conscious. Why  I chose to try this I like the natural ingredients in it, the...

Upfront Cosmetics Soothing Shampoo Bar

One thing I go through a lot of in my house is shampoo and conditioner. With three girls, all with thick and long hair, we are always using hair care products and go through them quickly. With winter, personally, my scalp and hair dry out quickly. We were recently gifted...
by Krystle W

Ditch those plastic lotion bottles and save the planet and your skin. UpFront Cosmetics Lavender Lotion Bars.

Our family has been on a mission to remove all plastic from our house as well as not using products that contain unsafe ingredients. One of the most recent changes we made was our lotion for our hands and body. We started using UpFront Cosmetics Lavender Lotion Bar and at...

So good for your skin and for the planet!

I have been making an effort over the last several years, to make the switch to all natural skin care products.  As a Registered Massage Therapist, I'm on my feet ALL day.  So, when looking at the Upfront Cosmetics line, I chose a refreshing peppermint lotion bar. Upfront Cosmetics uses...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

I love this shampoo bar from Up Front Cosmetics!!

I’ve been wanting to try shampoo bars for a while because, although I am not perfect, I do try to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible. This is a simple way to do that. Around 86% of Canada’s plastic waste will end up in a landfill, 12% of...

Brass be gone!

I never used to care about what products I used on my hair and anything from the drugstore was sufficient for me. I now cringe when I look back and think about the junky products I used to use on my hair - no wonder it was not healthy. Recently,...
by Hayley Savanna

Upfront Cosmetics Demo

One of Jenna’s great passions in life (beside’s Tarra) is investigating ways to reduce the use of plastics in an effort to better protect our beautiful earth.  We were stoked to be given a shampoo bar from Upfront Cosmetics as this is exactly their plan.  By using this one bar...
by Tarra Clark