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I'll never use tampons again!

Have you considered the products that you use during “that time of the month”? We’ve been conditioned to use conventional pads and tampons without question, but when you stop to think about it those products aren’t serving us. Sure, they do the trick and they “serve” their purpose, but they...
by Rebecca Owusu

My "can't go without" supplement.

Magnesium is truly essential for our health. I won't dive too deep into all of the reasons what we need magnesium to function properly, but I will make a few personal comments as to why I take magnesium.  1. If you have ever taken a hormonal birth control pill you...
by Rebecca Owusu

Colored your hair and want a clean shampoo that holds your color! Try Live Clean Color Protect Shampoo!

My daughter introducted me to the Live Clean shampoos a few years ago when she visited. I hadn't really heard of them before then so was quite happy to try them out. I've been dying my hair for about 10 years now and use a natural hair dye and love...

Lavender fields

Having two kids means I am constantly washing my hands or doing dishes (yes even with a dishwasher I have tons to do by hand) So my hands tend to get really dry and itchy. I apply hand cream multiply times a day and so it is really important that...
by Tammy Catania

Fave moisturizer!

Great moisturizer, I apply after cleansing underneath makeup daily. It's light and moisturizing, doesnt feel too heavy and I love the clean ingredients!
by Katherine Anna Krivanek

The Loveliest Ayurvedic Organic Moisturizer

I'm LOVING this lotion!  While Soultree Apricot Moisturizer with Honey and Kokum Butter is light and absorbs very quickly, my skin feels deeply moisturized.  How did they do that? And the fruity scent is so delicious!   Apricot helps keep the skin hydrated and heals damaged skin. Honey is loaded with...
by Deborah Gurash

No Need for a Face Mask!

I love this facewash by SoulTree! I am always making masks with tumeric and honey, so this product was a treat for me to try! I love the smell and the way that my face felt after using!
by Nadina Villacis

Oh Winter is coming!

This moisturizer is a great addition to your winter routine! I have been carrying the little bottle in my purse to moisturize my hands and I love it! Smells great and absorbs great into the skin. 
by Nadina Villacis

Great Body Wash!

I am always on the hunt for a safe body wash. This product did not disappoint. This low foaming body wash kept me clean without stripping away my natural oils. It did not make my skin feel dry at all. I used it as a body wash, but it can...
by Nadina Villacis

Energizing Hair & Body Wash

I use this product as a body wash (not in my hair) and really enjoy the scent as I find it very energizing in the shower! The scent works well for both men and women. Soultree offers a whole lot of goodness and uses authentic Ayurvedic recipes from India that...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Balancing Ayurveda Face Wash

I think the Indian Rose Face Wash is a nice addition to your daily skincare routine.  The scent is a little stronger than I would normally use for a cleanser, so maybe just watch out for that if you have really sensitive skin.  The Rose, honey and turmeric ingredients are...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

For a beautiful smelling bath!

I cannot RAVE about Wildcraft enough! They have changed my life when it comes to natural beauty products. I was just browsing Instagram one day when I came across them and I decided to try it. Their products smell amazing, feel amazing and are natural. These products I used everything...
by Nadina Villacis

Who doesn't want stronger and healthier hair?

Soultree’s product line is outstanding. All of their products offer healthy solutions for your skin without any of the harsh chemicals. We always want to lower our bodies toxic load so it’s very important to use products that are natural, organic and beneficial in the long run. Soultree is dedicated...
by Julia-Anna Berechet RHN

Ayurvedic Skin & Hair System, Just in Time for Winter

I tend to have combination skin, which can very easily go oily. As for my hair, that tends to get very dry at the ends. I'm honestly not the best at taking care of it, peeps. But I don't want to have to use 17 different products every day to...

Getting beautiful skin and hair was never easier !

Soul tree is a certified, natural, organic brand that manufactures personal and beauty care products. Their products are made from Ayurvedic herbs that have been used in India for centuries.  I was super excited to try these products as I grew up watching my mom and aunts use these ingredients...