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Guaranteed for Life??

I mean .. thats a worthwhile investment.Not only in your health, but also a fantastic find. I love the Manduka PROLite Thunder Mat, as it provides a light weight, slip free surface, perfect for any yoga, or at home fitness routine. Easy to clean, does not hold on to post...
by Therés Amee

Support brain function

Support  your brain health and reduce inflammation with this powerful blend of EHA abs DHA without the fishy taste!! 
by Helen Paquette

Great Digestive Tincture!

I love the Genestra products and even more because of these tinctures! Specific to gut health to help your clients with digestive issues, this is a great option and guaranteed quality. 
by Monika Sobota

Why magnesium?

Magnesium is 99% of the time something I recommend to people. It is needed for so many functions in the body and I have seen it first hand in myself and those around me make a huge difference. Not all magnesium is created equal and it is important to get...
by Kelsey sider

Gut health!

Kombucha is fantastic for your gut health!  Full of probiotics for a healthy digestive system and vital for proper immune function. Comes in many different flavours with a ton of health benefits 
by Danielle Lui

Need help with focus? Look no further!

I love this product for brain health. I find it helps me concentrate and stay focused more when researching. Two thumbs up from this girl!
by Julienne Spencer


Absolutely love this honey, it is such a treat! So potent!! A spoonfull of this brings me great health & joy!Love this company so much & get all honey products from them.

There is so much more to this protein shake than meets the eye!

Genuine health definitely has my full attentionNo bloating 40% better absorption stenghtens gut health zero sugar 20 grams protein 

Detox in the best way

Love turmeric and love that I can incorproate this every single day without cooking turmeric recipes. I take this every morning and this will be amazing for my joint health and general health overall.  
by Mindy

Not your average Fish!

Fish oil is one of my top recommendations for clients. For everything from inflammation, cognitive health, immune, joint health to name some. Most people ask if it tastes gross, nope, you can add it to a smoothie, yogurt or have it on its own. It’s high potency’s of Omega3, High...
by Catherine Switzer

Clean, Green Men's Travel Toiletries

These toiletries are ideal for travel and this kit would make a nice gift for your man if you would like to encourage him to take better care of his skin. They all have aloe vera and hemp stem cells as an antioxidant. They are non-GMO, vegan & gluten-free with...
by Laurel McBrine, CNP

Let's get regular!

Ok so talking about digestive health isn't the sexiest topic but being regular is important. If you've ever suffered with constipation and digestive issues then you know where I'm coming from. I love this natural Triphala plus Ayurvedic capsule from Sewanti, it's gentle, herbal and effective in supporting digestive and...
by Darcee Dorrans

A mans energy bar

My hubby is not one for energy bars he is more of n energy drink guy and to be honest I really don't like when he drinks them. So I purchased every energy bar I could get easily. He tried them all and kept telling me they were gross until...
by Tammy Catania

Maca and Cacao, what a great combination!

I like to mix this with some almond milk and just shake it up and drink it cold in the summer over ice and when the cooler weather approaches, I like to heat it up and drink it like a hot chocolate. It mixes well in a frother as well...

Hockey Parents Rejoice!! We have a solution for hockey-stink!!

Never fear Hockey Skunk is here! If you have never smelled the inside of a hockey bag or it's equipment let us describe the smell. Imagine, rotting eggs mixed with vinegar and mold.   After every game this bag sits and stinks up whatever it comes in contact with, the car,...