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Super Coffee with #foursigmatic Superfoods Blend

This product is a superfood powder, that is finely milled and easy to incorporate into raw & cooked foods & beverages.  Containing mushrooms & rosehip for a powerful oxidant fighting punch.  I put it in my coffee with a splash of coconut milk creamer & boy was I overwhelmed with...

Allergies are SNOT funny.

Tarra here... I've been using a Neti Pot for 20+ years. It was first introduced to me by my husband who used to do it back in his home country of Russia. It's an ancient technique that is used to clean the sinus cavity.  Using a packet of saline per...
by THD

Next level of Vitamin C

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C by LivLong I was at a wellness conference when someone told me about this form of Vitamin C. I heard amazing things about how it's comparable to IV delivery. I thought I had to search high and low to source out this serious supplement. Glad it wasn't...
by Astrid - Heal me in the Kitchen

A great why to help combate stress and the immune system

Being a mom of two, running a buisness from home and also taking care of all the house hold duties can be stressful somedays. In order to keep my self healthy during these hard times I normally mediate daily but sometimes thats not enough. So every morning I add Purica's...

If you need a boost, try Green SuperFoods!

With the cold & flu season approaching, we like to keep this product in our home.  We are on our second bottle 👌🏼 Whenever I am feeling run down or wanting that second coffee I add a scoop to my water 💦 
by Andrea Kadnar

A whole new way to take your Vitamin C

Did you know that when you take 1000mg or more of regular Vitamin C, more than 1/2 of it is passed as waste by your body?  Yup -you literally pee 1/2 of it out!!! There is a better way though... Livonlabs patented Lypo-shperic Vitamin C encapsulates the C molecules in...
by Deborah Gurash

Highly Absorbable (and fun) Vitamin C!

When it comes to all nutrients, absorption is key.  You can take the highest levels but if you don't absorb, you aren't getting the benefits.  That's why this vitamin c is so interesting.  It has been created to be absorbed right into the cells because of the lipid incapsulation. Open...
by Carmyn Ferguson RHN

It’s that time of year again

School has started and so has sick season. 🤒 My boys both brought it home in the first week but we all took our “shots”within the first onsets and are totally enjoying healthy living again. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 I love that it’s a gel form, taste is good but needs a bit...
by Adriana Paolella

A revolutionary way to get your Fiber!

A revolutionary way to get your daily fiber!  Vegan, Grit-free, Taste-less, and never thickens!  Really!! I do try to keep my nutrition on point and pack my own food for workdays, but there are many days that get so busy, I don't actually get to all that good food. Getting...
by Deborah Gurash

Addicting bars

These probiotic low-sugar granola bars are a DAILY snack in our home!
by Marla Pietruszko

A shot o’ Vitamin C!

This recommended way of getting your daily dose is best served - straight up, in one gulp! Here's why I've been loving this new way of taking my daily dose of GEL Vitamin C! 🍊Easy to take - tear it open, squeeze it out and gulp it back! 🍊Vitamin C...
by Daniela

Smoothie booster

I like to supercharge my smoothies with red superfoods to boost its antioxidant content! Its great for a strong an dhealthy immune system! 
by Marla Pietruszko

A little less worrying come cold season

My son has been in school for two years and as soon as the school year starts so does cold season. Every morning when the school year starts I give my son Deep immune kids and I have noticed it does two things, either it limits the amount of time...
by Tammy Catania

The best antiviral

Silver is great for killing viruses in the body! My family takes this with us on vacations to stay healthy and be preventative in regards to our health! 
by Marla Pietruszko

Boost your immune system and fight fatigue!

When I'm travelling and know I'll be indoors, with no chance of sunshine, I always pack supplements like Viatmin D.   Our bodies need Vitamin D to absorb the calcium that keeps our bones and teeth healthy and to help regulate both the immune and neuromuscular systems. For me, supplementing Vitamin...
by Deborah Gurash