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Community Reviews

Stir some glow into your cuppa

Coffee Booster Collagen This product really suits my Keto and fasting lifestyle. Easy add into my daily cup of tea. Won’t break my fast cause it’s 0 calories. Slip into my backpack and I’ve got joint and skin booster on the go. Also want to add that I've found since...
by Astrid - Heal me in the Kitchen

Best Vegan Protein Powder 🌱

Creamy, smooth texture, perfect vanilla flavour and 20g of plant based protein! This baby has it all, plus fermentation! Ive tested a lot of protein powders out in my day, I’m a morning smoothie addict, and I’ve found the winner! I love that this is fermented, fermentation lowers inflammation, increases...
by Darcee Dorrans

The multivitamin with the smilie face

We love Sisu Multi vitamins they are not full of sugar, artifical additives or flavours. They are sweetened with Stevia and coloured with Turmeric and Beet Powder. My son loves the star shape with the smilie face. He loves them so much that when I ask him what he wants...
by Tammy Catania

Post yoga workout energy boost!

I’m always looking for mood boosts for clients and moringa fits the bill! Full of antioxidants like vitamin A, and mood boosting Vitamin B6, and a bit of protein to stabilize blood sugar.  This was a great addition to a post yoga workout energy ball recipe with natural peanut butter,...
by Heather

Boost your Iodine levels naturally!

I ordered Marinoe’s Seaweed flakes to boost my iodine levels without taking any synthetic supplements. Iodine is necessary for supporting thyroid function, which in turn can improve our metabolism, protect our hearts and maintain optimum body temperatures. These seedweed flakes also contain other essential minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium and...
by Sabiha Rizvi

Better than other Konjac noodles!

When I first tried Konjac noodles, I did not like them. Tasted like slime. 😄 I then tried these ones w/ added oat fiber & they taste much better & closer to "normal" pasta. 😜 Esp good w/ @ecoideas jackfruit mix. You literally just place them together in pot, heat...
by Katie Christie

Enjoy Your Nuts

Nuts used to fall into the same category as eggs - everyone thought they were bad for your cholesterol. Thank fully new holistic research has brought forward the GOOD benefits of nuts for HDL (Good Cholesterol). Nuts are full of minerals, antioxidants, protein and fibre.  The fat in nuts is...
by The Holistic Detectives


I really love these little seeds, they have this great nutty taste and add this texture i particularly like to my food. I sprinkle them on everything....  fresh salads, cooked oats, fruit and yogurt bowls. There have been studies done, that show that they .. *may reduce the risk of...
by Micki Ciocca

How about a little NICE CREAM?

Made in my Vitamix, I use frozen bananas, frozen blue berries, coconut milk, hemp hearts, avocado - blend it up quickly to make a non-dairy ice cream. I topped with Hemp Seed for added protein and fiber and for this picture I added the chia on top so you could...
by The Holistic Detectives

Chlorophyll for your health

I feel like I was warped back to 7th grade science when I was sent this liquid chlorophyll from Pure Le Natural. It's so amazing to see this vibrant green colour and know how healthy it is for you. I always like to check out studies when taking new products...
by Rachel C

Keep calm with magnesium

I had been doing some reading on Magnesium and was shocked to hear that up to 80 percent of the US population is not getting the daily recommended amount. That’s scary considering how important it is for our body and it’s considered the invisible deficiency as it’s not easily detected....
by Rachel C

Plant based protein for a healthier lifestyle

You really can use this Plant Based Protein powder anywhere and it tastes great. I had a few bananas that needed to be used up so I whipped up a vegan banana bread recipe and added a scoop of Vegiday protein powder to it. My kids gobbled it up and...

So delicious and tummy friendly!

I hear a lot of complaints about people having trouble digesting some vegan proteins.  Genuine Health was hearing it too and came to the rescue with this completely delicious product.  They ferment their custom blend of 7 high protein vegan ingredients in small batches using non-dairy Probiotics and Enzymes.  The...
by Deborah Gurash

Spirulina - the King of Superfoods!

Spirulina is the King of Superfoods and one I've been using for years! This tiny freshwater micro algae is one of the most ancient superfood plants and is loaded with Protein, Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium!  It's actually a complete protein all on it's own, containing all theessential amino acids, so...
by Deborah Gurash


My kids are HOOKED on this trail miz! It is raw and organic and packed wiht superfoods so i can feel good about what they are sncaking on! HIGHLY RECCOMMEND!
by Marla Pietruszko