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“BEYOND” ketchup

Why is ketchup the favourite condiment worldwide? Do you think it has something to do with sugar addiction? There are so many simple ways to bring the refined sugar intake down in our everyday dining to up our gauge on our personal wellbeing meter.  Look for pantry items that have...
by Zahra Abbas

Konjac is no Compromise for Taste!

Zero Carb Full Flavour Chop Suey Style Noodles  1 packet Konjac noodles 2 carrots grated 10 snap peas washed  10 button or shiitake mushroom cleaned and sliced.  3 tablespoon Coco Natura Coconut Sauce 1 egg whisked 1 egg cracked and fried.  Salt  1 teaspoon tomato paste 1 teaspoon almond butter...
by Zahra Abbas

Love Good Fat Bars!

These @lovegoodfats bars are perfect for anyone who follows a #keto lifestyle or is watching their sugar intake! ⠀ There is only 1g of sugar per bar and 14g of fat and 10g of protein! ⠀ ⠀ I sampled the the chocolate peanut butter ones and it was a great...
by Melissa Weatherall

Better than other Konjac noodles!

When I first tried Konjac noodles, I did not like them. Tasted like slime. 😄 I then tried these ones w/ added oat fiber & they taste much better & closer to "normal" pasta. 😜 Esp good w/ @ecoideas jackfruit mix. You literally just place them together in pot, heat...
by Katie Christie

Fibre supplement that doesn’t thicken

I love this fibre so much!  There is absolutely no taste and it never gels up or gets thick so you can add it to any beverage you want. From cold to soups or teas.  How simple is that?  Fibre helps slow the release of sugar into your blood stream,...
by Deanna Trask RHN

Guilt Free - Freezer Dark Chocolate

Sugar free, Carb free, Guilt free Chocolate!  My go-to treat at night when I get a sweet craving. I always have some in my freezer! Follow Recipe in video!
by Carmyn Ferguson RHN

Natural Sweetener

Lucuma powder tastes so sweet and delicious and it has become a staple sweetener in our home! Highly reccommend trying this delicious powder!
by Marla Pietruszko

Have your Gummies and be Healthy too!

Full disclosure - I'm not the candy hound in my house, but I swear the Hubs could live on Gummy Bears and coffee - Ugh!   Enter, YUMEARTH Gummy Bears, samples I brought home from a recent trade show.   These are a game changer for kids and adult gummy lovers alike! ...
by Deborah Gurash

Wow - Only 3g of sugar per bag!

Kids aren't the only ones crazy for candy.  I swear my hubby could live on gummies and coffee - Ugh.  So, I've been on the hunt for a healthy alternative. In comes SmartSweets!  Oh my - so delicious!  I kid you not guys, I'm not even a gummy fan and...
by Deborah Gurash

Creamy Versitile ~Healthy~ Sauce for Desserts!

Ever since I stumbled upon coconut manna a couple of years ago I haven't went back! I use it when I bake and particularly love to use it in place of powdered sugared icings, etc. It's perfect as is or mixed with nut butters, cocoa/cacao, etc. you can thicken it...

A revolutionary way to get your Fiber!

A revolutionary way to get your daily fiber!  Vegan, Grit-free, Taste-less, and never thickens!  Really!! I do try to keep my nutrition on point and pack my own food for workdays, but there are many days that get so busy, I don't actually get to all that good food. Getting...
by Deborah Gurash

Keto / Low Carb Dessert

Jenna and I love a little sweet treat once in a while so we found this Pumpkin Brownie Recipe online.  It was good.  Probably wouldn't add as much stevia and I would add a little Sea Salt on the top.  Bob's Red Mill Coconut Flour is delicious. Period.  We have...
by THD

The best treat!

These are what you should be grabbing instead of a chocolate bar! they are sugar-free, DELICIOUS and completely satisfy that sweet craving!
by Marla Pietruszko

Addicting bars

These probiotic low-sugar granola bars are a DAILY snack in our home!
by Marla Pietruszko

The best snack!

Nicks sticks are SO YUM and I absolutely love carrying these around in my bag when I am on the go for a nutritious paleo, keto friendly snack!
by Marla Pietruszko