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School & Workplace Friendly SEED Butter

Forget Wowbutter (Ingredient List:  Whole Toasted Soy, Pressed Soy Oil, Cane Sugar (for a hint of sweetness, only 2g per 32g serving is added), Palm Oil (ethically sourced and sustainable certified by RSPO, less than 5% added to prevent oil separation) & Sea Salt). You need SunButter in your life...
by Rebecca Owusu

It’s that time of year again

School has started and so has sick season. 🤒 My boys both brought it home in the first week but we all took our “shots”within the first onsets and are totally enjoying healthy living again. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 I love that it’s a gel form, taste is good but needs a bit...
by Adriana Paolella

Healthy snacks for kids

Gut health is important to me so I make sure my kids get probiotics in their diet daily and Welo bars make that super easy !:)
by Marla Pietruszko

A Healthier Rice Crispy Square

All summer my oldest son kept seeing ads for Rice Crispy Squares and really wanted to try one. I really try to keep his diet clean and healthy but I also don't want him to feel left out, so I went on a search for a health rice crispy square...
by Tammy Catania

Mini Cookies

This summer my son started T ball and all the parents took turns bringing snacks. Cookies seemed to be the go to snack but most packaged store bought cookies are full of sugar and questionable ingredients. But my son insisted that we bring cookies and I was happy to find...
by Tammy Catania

Lentil for a healthy snack on the go

Love these! We put them on salad, in the kids lunches, we even just keep a bag in our car to snack on. They are high in protein and come in 4 different flavours. We have even mixed the flavours together to make our own mix. They are gluten free,...
by Rachel C

Cause mama needs to eat

Being a mom of two sometimes I get so busy I don't have the chance to make myself breakfast and I really love oatmeal in the morning. But have you ever read the ingredients in those instant packages they are horrible and full of sugar. But Nature's Path has great...
by Tammy Catania

Melt in your mouth treats

Baby Gourmet Mushies are great snacks for little self feeders. The ingredients are simple fruits and veggies and organic. There is no sugar , artifical colours or flavours and they are a great source of Vitamin C. I've given these to both my big guy and my little guy when...
by Tammy Catania

ARTEZA Glitter Tattoo Kit

The Arteza Glitter Tattoo kit really, really impressed me. I didn’t expect it to be as perfect as it was. It’s all down to technique, if you follow the instructions exactly and do it correctly, you’ll get a beautiful looking tattoo. One tip I would give is not to apply...
by Siobhan Westley

Amoysanli Pen Holder

I’m a notoriously cheap/budget Queen so while the price is a little higher than I’d like ($22.99 at time of review) this Pen Holder by Amoysanli is easily the best one I’ve used. It’s a c-c-c-combo of the great look and a few nice features. ------------------------Design/Feel------------------------ The design is a...
by Siobhan Westley

DUOFIRE Triple Pen Holder Pencil Cup

The geometric twist design is nice, but the quality is pretty rubbish. The edges came with a lot of overfill or ‘spillage’. What I mean is, when plastic is injected into molds there are often flaky edges that need to be fixed and this pencil holder suffers from that. The...
by Siobhan Westley

Arrtx Sketch Marker Paper Pad

The first thing I noticed about the Arrtx Sketch Marker Pad is that it doesn't feather at all. While generally it doesn't bleed, the alcohol ink can soak through if you're layering it a ton, as I tend to do. Even then, though, I layered a lot on a whole...
by Siobhan Westley