Shoosha Organic Lemon Eucalyptus Summer Spray

July 07, 2020 Report

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Now that it's summer and we're finally able to enjoy the outdoors while keeping a safe distance from others, it seems like the bugs didn't get the memo!  My family and I attract bugs like no tomorrow and we always get nasty mosquito bites.  The only issue is that now that we have a baby in the house, we want to stay away from regular bug sprays that we would normally use because they have a very strong chemical smell that lingers and truthfully it's probably so effective because of how many chemicals they mix into that spray cannister.

This summer spray from Shoosha helps take away a lot of my worries.  They use organic ingredients (including essential oils) to naturally repel mosquitoes and flies.  To that point, it's safe to spray directly onto your skin, but because our little one has very sensitive, eczema prone skin, I normally don't spray anything directly onto her.  I will spray this ahead of time around her sun tent, or her stroller, so that when she's playing or sitting, the bugs won't come near her.  

The smell is also very refreshing!  It's a very calming and soothing citrus-y smell so you don't have to worry about inhaling all those strong, chemical fumes from the usual bug sprays that we get.  One pump goes a long way, but if you have a lot of items or people to spray, I would also recommend spraying it into someone's hands and allowing them to pat it into different areas.  For example, I sprayed a pump into each of my niece and nephew's hand and they would pat it on the back of their neck, on their wrists, and on their ankles - the spots that usually get attacked by bugs!   And being picky kids, they did not complain about the smell and it doesn't leave an icky feeling on their hands afterwards either!

I would definitely recommend this as an excellent alternative for a natural bug repellent/summer spray :) 


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