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June 14, 2020 Report

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Hey guys, Julia here!

Having a child can be one of the most incredible and yet challenging experiences in your life. Dealing with many obstacles and situations we have never encountered. For me, one of those hurdles has been helping my baby with her eczema and cradle cap. As a nutritionist, I tried to rule out everything in her diet to see if it could be a food sensitivity but nothing seemed to work. I felt so guilty like there was something I was doing wrong but unfortunately sometimes these things just happen. What’s important is finding a product that is safe for your child and actually helps alleviate the annoying symptoms of eczema. Shoosha brings you just that! As the first complete USDA certified skincare line in North America, Shoosha brings you pure, organic, and safe products you feel confident using on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Shoosha’s Organic Eczema Healing Balm has been a real game-changer for our daughter’s eczema. She gets it mostly on her cheeks and arms, it looks pretty red and you can see tiny little bumps (almost like pimples) on these areas. After applying Shoosha’s Organic Eczema Healing Balm for only one week I could see a visible change in her skin. The redness has gone down and there are fewer and fewer bumps on her skin. I have tried many other natural eczema treatments from other brands and never saw the same results. We love this product for so many reasons. First off it’s safe enough to eat, it says right on it “skin food” which is exactly what this is. I don’t know about you but my kid sticks everything in their mouth and I definitely don’t want her eating synthetics and chemicals. Shoosha’s healing balm nourishes your baby’s skin with only the best organic food-grade ingredients. The gentle ingredients in this balm include Colloidal Oatmeal, Organic Tamanu, Organic German Chamomile, Organic Evening Primrose Oil, and Organic Calendula Oil to name a few. This formula works so well and smells so nice. It fills the air with the light scents of chamomile and oats, love it! The other plus to this product is how convenient it is to use. It comes in a stick (almost like a lip balm) that you can take anywhere and fits easily into your purse or diaper bag. I usually apply it in the morning and at night after her bath. My daughter loves the feeling of it on her skin and tells me that “it tickles” when I put it on. I find the hard stick vs. a lotion works so much better as I don’t end up wasting any of it. It spreads so easily and you really don’t need to use a lot.

I really can’t say enough about Shoosha’s Organic Eczema Healing Balm for Babies. This isn’t just for babies or eczema either it can also be used by the whole family and for the temporary relief of minor skin irritation and itching due to rashes, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, and insect bites. I now use this on her every day and hope it will clear up completely soon. Please do your baby a favour and try this amazing brand. They only provide the very best ingredients for your babies eczema needs, protect them every day with Shoosha! 


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