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An easy approach to help ease digestion

November 24, 2020 Report

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For years, I have struggled with "silent reflux". This is a form of acid reflux that doesn't present in the same way regular acid reflux does like heartburn or acid indigestion.  Instead, I have to clear my throat multiple times a day, and I can get a hoarse voice and sore throat. Basically, I sound like I'm sick when I'm not.

As I'm sure you can imagine, this is incredibly frustrating for multiple reasons.

The first being-as a Nutritionist, I like to portray the image of health as I AM a healthy individual and I take care of myself, eat the right foods, exercise, drink plenty of water, etc.

Second, my business is online, and I talk. A lot. I run an online membership with weekly coaching, I produce videos, I do social media lives, etc. Constantly clearing my throat is frustrating and misleading.

Third, it's simply annoying. I do all the things I'm supposed to-not eating hours before bed, drinking plenty of water, and try not to clear my throat (when I'm not live on video!) constantly-which can make it WORSE.

These digestive enzymes, although I haven't been taking them for long, are helping with some of my symptoms. I can't guarantee of course that it is in fact this product as I'm doing numerous things to reduce the symtpoms of my silent reflux,  but they certainly can't hurt-and I feel they are making the situation better.

Nothing could be simpler than taking a natural enzyme with food. Enzybiotiq not only contains essential enzymes but also contains probiotics! And I am a HUGE fan of probiotics for their immune boosting and digestive support. Such a bonus!

If you have any sort of digestive upset on a regular basis, I would recommend taking this product as it's really a two-in-one. Digestive enzymes AND probiotics. WIN-WIN!


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