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Good Clean Fun! Why Bentonite Clay is coveted in toothpaste!

November 24, 2020 Report

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Ok, so as I climb this latter of mid-life, ugh, things happen to the body that I simply don't like!

My teeth are more reactive and sensitive. So, I'm on a quest to find the most beneficial oral care products. I came across a dentist in my research and I love the comprehensive, science-backed approaches that he takes. "Dr. B" or Mark Burhenne DDS ( has amazing insights and explanations!

Bentonite clay is one of the ingredients on his 'must-have' list as fluoride is on his 'absolutely avoid' list! (interested? here's more on that:

Bentonite as a base for toothpaste is a great non-abrasive ingredient to polish and care for the teeth while supporting the oral microbiome! I mean, it's clay... so it's dirt! This "dirt" supports our mouth bugs that should be thriving which in turn, keep those bad bugs away that are responsible for plaque and decay. Also, your oral microbiome is absolutely linked to how your whole immune system works. 

And maybe more importantly? Your oral microbiome is linked to cardiovascular health! A healthy mouth contributes to a healthy heart! 

Ditch the alcohol-based tooth products (and other toxic ingredients that have no need to be there). Alcohol and other mouth disinfectants kill ALL of the bacteria in our mouths - this drastically reduces our ability (it actually halts this ability) to make nitric oxide - the gas that is responsible for arterial health. Nitric oxide is responsible for dilating blood vessels as well as maintaining the protective layer of the inside of blood vessels thereby reducing inflammatory issues like hardening of the arteries.

Who knew that what we used to care for our mouth had such an impact on our WHOLE ENTIRE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM!!!

So, things like fluoride, as controversial that it is, is really not functional in a toothpaste application - there may be a time, place and correct formate of fluoride to help with cavity care, but it's not in a normal toothpaste ( It's actually detrimental in toothpaste because it can be ingested too easily - and the stuff found in toothpaste is synthetic - not the kind naturally found that would be more beneficial.

So, Bentodent with a base of bentonite clay (and seen here with charcoal for whitening!!) is a great option for stellar oral care!

Also, the bamboo toothbrush is sustainable and packaged in non-plastic products!! Yay, you Bentodent!!

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