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More than just a face wash
Sabiha Rizvi
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Naturalene by Greeniche are part of my summer body care essentials!
Zahra Abbas
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Not just a moisturizer!
Deborah Gurash

Oh so fresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So honestly I don't like face wipes they always smell horrible, burn my face and leave my skin feeling sticky and not very clean. I was recently given the opportunity to try these so I thought why not. Last night I went to bed super late and almost went to...
by Tammy Catania

No more tears with Naturalene Wipes

I always complain to my sister in law that I love the convenience of wipes for quick make up removal but I have tried so many brand with the same result of skin irritation upon use. Until now!  I Found face & body wipes that don’t irritate my skin finally!...
by Zahra Abbas

The bring everywhere wipes

These wipes are great for travel or summertime adventures. I took them camping with me where there is no running water and used them to remove makeup and impurities from my face. They leave the skin feeling fresh and clean. They are also great for children as well. Great scent...
by Adriana Paolella

No more eye burn!

I find that typical makeup remover wipes make my eyes burn. I’ve tried many other all natural wipes. While some made my eyes burn LESS they were not effective at removing my eye makeup. This product has been great. I will buy it again and again. 
by Bonnie Wisener


Naturalene Cleansing Wipes are invigorating! Enriched with herbal extracts, you can definitely smell the freshness of nature and the soothing feeling of natural ingredients on your skin. No harsh ingredients to be concerned about. I generally have sensitive skin and can attest I experienced no adverse reactions from using these wipes...
by Daniela

Gym Bag Essential

These wipes are fantastic! They are a gym bag essential. After a sweaty session, I typically have errands, clients meetings or client work to catch up on in a cafe. These wipes are super convenient to freshen up until I make it home to showeer.  I use the wipes on...
by Danielle Goward

Natural Make up Wipes

If you are looking for a safer make up wipe without harsh chemicals that actually works, this is it!  I had my daughter try them on her super sensitive skin and it removed her black eyeliner and mascara with ease.  It was super moisturizing for her skin also. 
by Deanna Trask RHN

So refreshing on a hot summer day!!!

I love spending time camping or at the racetrack.  (Ok, full disclosure, I don't love racing, but hubby built the car, so I try to get out there to be supportive)  At either place though, on a hot, muggy day, with no facilities beyond an outhouse (Ew!),  I really don't...
by Deborah Gurash

Quick way to freshen up

These wipes are nice and convenient, have a plastic seal to prevent drying out, and easily removed my makeup. It's great to find cleansing wipes with a clean ingredient list! The package does not specify if they are compostible/decomposing, so it isn't clear if they are a positive environmental choice. 
by Chaka Liz Ben Yehuda

Convenient and Natural Cleansing Wipes!

I’ve been at TWO cottages this week, and these cleansing wipes have really come in handy!! Especially since the first cottage had no running water! It’s very nice to find a brand of wipes that are all-natural, and free of alcohol and parabens. I’ll definitely be buying these again!
by Jennifer Taverner

A must have for travelling!

These wipes are great for everyday use or for travelling. They instantly refresh your face, and are free of other irritants that similar products on the market have. I have sensitve skin, so I am happy to say that these products will not irritate sensitive skin. They work great for...
by Jenny Musyj

Not that great...

I really like the idea of an all natural wipe, especially for those nights when I am just too exhausted to wash my face. Unfortunately, these have a strong, unpleasant smell, and caused me to break out after one use.
by Jessica Gilbert