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Ketchup with a twist
Charlene Sutherland
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No-Sugar Organic Ketchup Sweetened with Dates - Rich Flavour, Tangy, Not Too Sweet!
Laurel McBrine, CNP
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The only ketchup I buy!
Rebecca Owusu
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Amazing / Kid Approved / Ketchup we can no longer live without.
The Holistic Detectives
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The best chocolate peanut butter snack!
Andrea Kadnar
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Decadent Snacking with Good ol’ Fat bars #love
Zahra Abbas


I’m blown away by the taste of this ketchup made with REAL ingredients that you can actually pronounce. It only contains tomato paste, water, apple cider vinegar, date paste (which is used for sweetness), onion and garlic powder, sea salt and organic spices. After trying this out, you can really...
by Elle Sera

''Ketch'' this Fricken Amazing Ketchup

Speechless over here!! ⠀⠀And believe me that doesn’t happen often😂⠀⠀I had the opportunity to try @goodfoodforgood Ketchup!⠀Holy shit guys!!! It’s fricken amazing!!! ⠀⠀I feel good about having this ketchup. It’s sweetened by dates and only has 1g of sugar in each tablespoon! ⠀⠀That other ( won’t mention any names!!) ketchup...
by Melissa Weatherall

A healthy version to all kids fav condiment.

Having a 4 year old means I buy a lot of ketchup and honestly it makes me cringe at how much sugar is in most leading brands, but even though I keep our meals as healthy as I can I just can't deprive my son of every kids favourite condiment....

Great ketcup alternative!

I love this product! It's excellent on veggie burgers and sweet potato fries, or really anything you would usually use ketchup on. I haven't had ketchup in many years (I try to avoid it, since it's filled with sugar) but to me this actually tastes better than regular ketchup. If...
by Aly Shoom

Ketchup is good but Good Food is better!

This ketchup tastes a bit different at first but looking st the ingredients, it is clear to see why. I don’t normally use ketchup or feed it to my kids because of the high sugar content. This one is made of dates and is comparably sweet but not excessive. My...
by Adriana Paolella

Hold the processed sugar. This ketchup is way tastier than conventional you know whose...

Love this ketchup and these products...Wholesome ingredients and I find they have way more taste than regular ketchup and bbq sauces.Much better for those watching their sugar intake for blood sugar management.Love it!

Gooood Ketchup!

For many years, ketchup has been a staple ingredient for summer. Whether it's used for hamburgers and hotdogs on the BBQ, french fries from our favourite fast food restaurants, or our homemade mac n cheese, Good Food For Good Ketchup puts a healthy twist on one of the most popular...
by Carolyn Lee

Ketchup You Can Feel Good About

Not only does this ketchup taste amazing, but it's sweetened naturally with dates! I'm a big fan of ketchup, but unless I want to make my own, I'm stuck purchasing ketchup brands that are loaded with refined sugar and tons of other garbage! But not anymore! With this brand, you...
by Cayla Ranice

Ketchup with a twist

Got to try this interesting ketchup over the weekend and I've got a lot to say! I normally don't tend to have sugar free ketchup (though I've tried Heinz sugar free ketchup when I did keto) so this was a huge switch. I will be very upfront from the jump:...
by Charlene Sutherland

There’s a new ketchup on the block! 🍅

I love this ketchup - It tastes great! I wouldn’t even know the difference from all the others! It’s made without any added sugar and is sweetened with dates! It’s #vegan #nongmo and there are no preservatives (you know that other stuff stays in the fridge all year and doesn’t...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP

Fantastic This for That!

The Good for Good Ketchup is a great, healthy alternative for the classic ketchup you'd find on the shelves. You can use it as a healthy swap in recipes, sauces, and marinades. It had the classic sweetness of ketchup from the date paste and the tangyness from the apple cider...
by Danielle Goward

Not just Good but Great Ketchup!

We absolutely loved this ketchup.  My daughter puts ketchup on everything and I really wished there was an alternative to all the sugar.  Good Food For Good hit the nail on the head with this ketchup that is sweetened only with dates, so as a mom and Nutritionist I can...
by Deanna Trask RHN