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A Kid’s Multi-vitamin Gummy that’s Sugar-Free and Yummy!

October 29, 2021 Report

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Finally!  A sugar-free gummy vitamin for the little ones 😊

Suku has developed the only kid’s gummy vitamin that is sugar-free, and free of sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. Instead, these yummy gummies are sweetened with Tapioca syrup and Stevia. Genius, as the tapioca also serves as a source of prebiotic fibre and micronutrients 👏 The gummies are coloured with black carrot juice.  No artificial colours or flavours here!

My grandson really enjoys them!  He typically has a very healthy diet, eating all the colours of the rainbow.  He literally eats sweet bell peppers like apples LOL.  But, there are certainly days when he might not have a big appetite and days when my son, a busy single dad, resorts to take-out when there just isn't time or energy to cook. I have to admit, when these arrived, I tried them with my grandson.  We both agreed they were just the right texture, not too soft and not too chewy.  We also agreed the taste was mild, but still really nice.  I also like the price point.  And, Suku offers discounted prices with larger orders.

Suku Vitamins The Complete Kids Multi contains 14 essential vitamins and minerals plus 3g of soluble fibre in every serving.  Everything they need to support their growing bodies on the daily!

Suku is proudly Canadian owned and operated.  All their products are made in Canada in a GMP-certified and Health Canada approved facility. All of their products are tested three times  - when ingredients are received, during manufacturing, and again on the finished product. Suku is also non-GMO Project Verified, Peta certified vegan, and free of 7 major allergens.

The Complete Kids Multi by Suku Vitamins - a great-tasting, sugar-free multi that you and your kids can feel good about!


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Suku Vitamins


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This is a really nice treat to help me relax and stay asleep longer through the night.

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