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Asana Corporate Video 2

by Tarra Clark

Introducing Asana

by Tarra Clark

Great for ALL periods!

Just recently having a baby and being period-free for the last year, I forgot how nerve wracking it can be to be unsure of whether or not you are being fully protected by your pads and liners. The first period after baby is no joke and it was much heavier...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Great product but not for really heavy flow

Menstrual cloth is a product that has been used by women since ancient times,  and this product has seen some upgrades and better performance  over the years. Now they are thinner and more hygienic,  and  a big part of  its solution still remains avoiding leaks.  The no leaks has been...
by Nkiru Odunukwe

Asana Biowave Advantage Pads - Regular, Heavy & Long Overnight

Let’s talk about pads🩸 @asanawomanca recently gifted us some amazing pads to try out in return for an honest review. We received a box of regular and heavy pads as well as a box of long overnight pads. These pads offer natural protection in a soft and non irritating way....

Finally some night-time protection!

Hey, Tarra here! I remember stories from my mom and grandmother about their generation of women and how they had to deal with their periods.  Wads of cotton, pads with straps attached to your body, we have come so far, especially when you discover pads like Asana. Like many women...

Feel Comfortable With Your Period

Ladies, lets have a little chat about feminine sanitary napkins.  I recently had the chance to try Asana pads.  Every female should feel comfortable with their sanitary products and Asana pads deliver.  These pads provide 6 layers of natural protection (3 liquid retention layers) and are suitable for every stage...
by Kiley Briscoe

Don't let you period stop you from living ride the Biowave. (Asana Biowave Advantage pads)

It's been 27 years since I first got my period and I originally started out with pads (A.K.A lady diapers) I hated them. So I switched over to tampons and then a menstrual cup. For me I found pads felt like diapers and well they felt sticky. Period blood just...

Feminine support when needed

Every month comes a time when women need the most support. Asana is there with their Feminie line of sanitary napkins. They are there to support you from your lightest days to your heavy days. There sanitary products are not bulky like the ones you may regularly purchase in the...
by Tracey Corriveau

Tiny, but Mighty!

I received these pads (regular size, long size and heavy size) from Asana for free (#gotitfree) from PeopleTail in exchange for an honest review. These are products made by women, for women (and girls). Asana is a brand that believes pads should be structured to work for women, instead of...
by Sasha I