Thank you Curatea for this yummy detox tea :)
Jennifer Morse
💚 Super Powerful & Effective, and Gentle!
Laureen H
Gentle cleansing in a pleasent tasting tea
Astrid - Heal me in the Kitchen
Tea for your tummy!
Jennifer Taverner
Detox your body by drinking a detox tea! Sounds simple? It is!
Emily Price
Organic Gentle Detox your body will love!
Are you wide awake when you should be sleeping? It's time to try "Curatea" Insomnia blend.
Emily Price
First few sips are soothing and calming
Catch Some Zzzz's With Curatea Insomnia
The Holistic Detectives

Detox tea for the win!

by Jennifer Morse

A warm hug in a cup

I have like many others been stressed out during this crazy time we are all going through and figured my body could use a little detox from the stress I’ve had and the not so good food I’ve been feeding it! When I need to take some time for me...
by Mesha Thompson

Gentle, Natural, Immune-Supporting Detox

Product: Curatea by Greeniche Natural Health: DETOX Detox. It’s a bit of a buzzword, no? We have all seen the ads, read the posts and seen media segments about detox as a method to rid the body of toxins, lose weight, improve health. And I am not knocking it, but...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Self care starts from within

I have always found relaxing with a  nice cup of tea, to be refreshing and restorative. I do try to have a pampering self care day at least twice a month.  If we don't care for ourselves and our bodies,  we can't expect great results. Caring for your body is...
by Nkiru Odunukwe

Spring Clean your body with this Detox

After a long winter of eating hearty stews, comfort food and sweet desserts, it's finally spring and time to detox. I've been searching for a gentle tea detox that doesn't break the bank, and more importantly, works.  Curatea's Detox tea retails for $29.00 which brings a cup of tea to...
by Olivia Rzezicki

Are you in need of a detox?

I am a tea lover! I drink it to relax at night, or when I have a tummy ache, so I was really excited to try this detox tea by Curatea, A Greeniche Natural Health Product 🌱 This product helps remove waste products from the kidneys, skin & mucus membranes,...
by Andrea Kadnar

Safe, healthy and 100% natural detox!

I received the Curatea Detox tea from Greeniche Natural Health for free (#gotitfree) from PeopleTail in exchange for an honest review. This was my very first experience using a detox product. I have always been intrigued, and have read about the benefits detoxing has for your system - but I...

Curatea , Nature in a cup , Cure in a cup

Before talking about the detox benefit to our bodies let's stand in ovation for the great , attractive and delicious smell that is diffused from this cup . The smell that hugs your soul and heart , clears your mind and kicks out all the stress, darkness and heaviness. It...

Detox your body by drinking a detox tea! Sounds simple? It is!

Have you ever tried detoxifying your body with a detox tea?  I was given the opportunity to try out "Curatea" Detox. I was a bit leary to try it out at first as I am a bit sensitive to cleanses but I have to admit that I was very pleased...

💚 Super Powerful & Effective, and Gentle!

I have been using cleansing teas for as long as I can remember and have experienced varying degrees of unpleasantness, nausea, cramping, pain, extreme sweating, and even panicing! I have also tried a few that were completely ineffective. This has made me very cautious about which detox teas I try,...

Tea-Toxify with Curatea

Product: Curatea (Detox) by Greeniche Natural Health I love a good cuppa. Once upon a time, I toyed with training as a tea sommelier. Did you know there even was such a thing? I have since slid that into my 'fun things to do in retirement' file. While not formally...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Finally, a detox tea that doesn’t hurt!

Finally, a detox tea that doesn’t hurt! Nothing better than cozying up on a cold evening with a warm cup of tea! I don’t drink coffee so I’m always looking good teas. Curatea Detox Tea only includes natural ingredients to detoxify the body by inducing sweat and urine production to...
by Tashekia White