Marla Pietruszko
Perfect morning boost!
Autumn Elise
Ultra-Absorbable Vitamin C
Christine Palmer, RHNP
Guilt-Free, Low Sugar, Vegan Gummy Candy
Laurel McBrine, CNP
Fine White Powder, No Sludge Fiber Supplement to Keep Things Moving!
Laurel McBrine, CNP
Nature's Source
Post yoga workout energy boost!
The most addictive ayurvedic form of self care.
Rebecca Owusu
Autumn Elise
Best Sauce We've Ever Reviewed - Coconut Sauce
The Holistic Detectives
Allergies are SNOT funny.
The Holistic Detectives
Nature's Source
De-stress/Reduce Cortisol (and belly fat) - Mushroom Drink!
Ayda Celik
MapleBee Nectar
Christine Palmer, RHNP
Pure + Natural BUG REPELLENT
Christine Palmer, RHNP
Love hemp seeds
Melissa Torio
Healthy Planet
Oil Up your Balls - Let's do some TRULY clean laundry!
The Holistic Detectives
MapleBee Nectar
Acid Reflux? Leg Cramps? High Cholesterol? Have you ever tried Maple Bee Nectar Honey Vinegar?
Emily Price
Healthy Planet
Best Vegan Protein Powder 🌱
Darcee Dorrans
Naturalene by Greeniche are part of my summer body care essentials!
Zahra Abbas
Cooking at a high smoke point? You NEED this!
Rebecca Owusu
The multivitamin with the smilie face
Tammy Catania
School & Workplace Friendly SEED Butter
Rebecca Owusu
Marla Pietruszko
Nature's Source
Non-Chemical, Non-Whitening Protection from UVA - Less Wrinkles, Age Spots & Cancer!
Laurel McBrine, CNP
Everyday Protection from Sun & Free Radicals with Age Defying BB Cream
Laurel McBrine, CNP
The Perfect Energy Boost
Lindsay Maxwell
Nature's Source
Cut the sick recovery in half
Alkaline Water - Balance your PH, Lose weight, be energized!
Ayda Celik
MapleBee Nectar
Honey vinegar is the REAL deal!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
If you want to be Super - Try Red Super Foods
The Holistic Detectives
Keto - Shnacky-Shnack
The Holistic Detectives

Renew Life's Super Critical Omega has so many benefits!

I've been using Super Critical Omega from Renew Life as it's easy to swallow and you only need one gel cap a day for cognitive and brain health and to support your overall health. Fish oil is so important for mood balance too. After all our brains are 60% fatty...

Everyday Protection from Sun & Free Radicals with Age Defying BB Cream

I love all of Andalou's BB and CC creams as they provide SPF 30 in a non-chemical form with most of them also having a tint that disguises the white cast you would otherwise get (see video above for comparison). This one is focused on aging well, with resveratrol and...

Put your feet up grab a tea and relax. (Curatea Relaxation Tea)

After a long stressful day or week this relaxation tea is just what’s needed. It contains Linden which is a mild sedative that is great for things like anxiety and nervousness. California Poppy is also amazing for stress relief and Chamomile is also great for relaxation. Curatea picked the perfect...

A healthy version to all kids fav condiment.

Having a 4 year old means I buy a lot of ketchup and honestly it makes me cringe at how much sugar is in most leading brands, but even though I keep our meals as healthy as I can I just can't deprive my son of every kids favourite condiment....
by Tammy Catania

Who doesn't want stronger and healthier hair?

Soultree’s product line is outstanding. All of their products offer healthy solutions for your skin without any of the harsh chemicals. We always want to lower our bodies toxic load so it’s very important to use products that are natural, organic and beneficial in the long run. Soultree is dedicated...
by Julia-Anna Berechet RHN

Need a boost for your hair, skin, nails and joints? Try adding Coffee Booster Collagen!

Today, I tried the Coffee Booster in my morning coffee. I have used other collagens before but never in a liquid form. This one contains 50 mg of Vitamin C along with the hydrolyzed bovine collagen.The first thing I did was shake it up and then open it up and...

Flawless Coverage, Natural looking

Nude by Nature is one of my favorite Makeup brands! The Loose foundation is very light and gives light too medium coverage. If you want a heavier coverage you should put a primer on before applying and of course do a few layers. I prefer the natural look so I do...
by Kelsey Hoey

A must try for baking!

I love to bake, and as a food blogger, I love to try new products that I can add to my recipes. I love to bake with sweeteners like maple syrup and honey, but I've never tried Monk Sweeter! So this recipe is made with Sweet Monk. Sweet Monk is a...
by Nadina Villacis

Red Is the NEW GREEN!!

Red Superfoods has been such a great way to add more phytonutients to my water. With Beets, Pomegrantes, Berries, Goji, carrots it certainly ups my water and it taste great. Love the Fact that it is Certified Organic, Gluten Free and Non GMO 
by Claudia Rodrigues

Add Sweetness with Out the Sugar

I have tried and puchased a variety of the Kaizen protein powers!  I like to switch back and forth from whey to plant based to avoid developing sensitivities to one ingrident.  This was the first time trying the Berry flavour and really enjoyed it as I often opt for vanilla....
by Carmyn Ferguson RHN

Have you tried Spirulina .. The green powerhouse

These micro algae contain a 60% protein content, and are rich in iron, calcium and magnesium. They have high levels of antioxidants, boost energy levels, support immune system and brain health. I feel more alert and energized when i make it part of my morning routine. 

Iodine for all over health

I absolutely love this brand for an iodine supplement. It's Canadian, mostly organic and has done wonders for me. An iodine deficiency isn't something you want to mess around with so make sure to pick up your bottle today. It's great for thyroid health, your immune system, hair health and...
by Rachel C

Great Pain Relief for an ache back

I've tried a few different pain relief rubs and either they burn my skin or the scent is super strong that my eyes water. I was sent a sample of Kalaya Pain Relief rub and I really like it. Not only are the ingredients natural but my skin doesn't burn...
by Tammy Catania

Healthy breakfast pudding

Chia seeds are nutritional power houses! Per serving they pack 5g of protein, 36% of your recommended daily fiber intake, and they are a good source of calcium, omega 3 and iron. They're naturally gluten free and are a versatile product to work with.I love making chia seed pudding for...
by Darcee Dorrans

Getting a sore throat, cough or congestion? Honibe lozenges may be just what you need!

The weather is getting colder and it seems like more and more people are getting run down this time of year including myself. Lately, in the morning I've been having a bit of a scratchy throat. Getting ready to travel in the cold and snow where I'm going is getting...

Sunshine in a cup!

This golden turmeric latte is delicious!Just add hot water and you get a healthy turmeric latte full of shroom power!
by Melissa Torio

Delicious Bubbly Raspberry Flavoured Bone Building Vegan Supplement

This white powder becomes a tasty, raspberry flavoured, effervescent solution that supports strong bones and teeth! This formula includes a seaweed source of bioavailable calcium that won't end up in your arteries like some other types. There is also added K2, a very important element to regulate the use of...

My baby best nappy

Ok !! I have 3 kids under 5 and I have tried more than 5 nappies brands looking for something good and cheap not so expensive but most important i wanted it good to my baby skin and I found pampers the best brand of nappies and i dont want...
by Asmaa haoushar

Every tired mom should be using this

The first year of a babies life can be the most tiring for moms and dads (Don't forget dads lose sleep too). Between night feedings and sleep regressions we end up with super low energy and extremly exhausted. Not getting enough rest can really mess with the immune system and...
by Tammy Catania

A great way to cheer up on a rainy day

Anyone else finding the "spring" weather in Toronto really challenging? It has been so rainy and cold I have really been struggling to stay positive, I just want it to be summer already! I was honestly wearing my parka yesterday.This blend is an uplifting, refreshing, and energizing blend which is...

DermaNiche Eye-Gel: Eye Like It!

This product promotes itself as being an all-in-one under eye gel that brightens, de-puffs, smooths, and hydrates. The ingredients are clean and natural; the formula was created to target dark circles, puffiness, and discolouration by repairing damage and addressing skin issues. That’s a lot to promise! I have been using...
by Judith🍋Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Refreshing and WORKS so well!

I received this product to try and wow am I blown away! It is a generous size bottle and upon spraying it has a very refreshing and clean smell. We used a couple sprays on each item and once it was absorbed and dried it was left with this very...
by Carrissa R

My FAVOURITE meat textured substitute.

I absolsutely love Jackfruit & Cha's is my go-to brand. As you can see from my photos, I do eat it quite often and in a variety of ways. Most of those photos weren't staged or planned & just taken on a whim right before eating so they might not...
by Rebecca Owusu

Smoothie booster

I like to supercharge my smoothies with red superfoods to boost its antioxidant content! Its great for a strong an dhealthy immune system! 
by Marla Pietruszko