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Rice made easy

This is my first time ever using Konjac sticky rice and I really loved how easy it was to make. I have been craving sushi and prefer to make sushi bowls as I find they are easier to make and you can add what you like. I just rinsed the...
by Rachel C


My kids are HOOKED on this trail miz! It is raw and organic and packed wiht superfoods so i can feel good about what they are sncaking on! HIGHLY RECCOMMEND!
by Marla Pietruszko HD BSc RHN

Olive oil and aloe makes this winter friendly.

Most winter seasons comes with many things we love, like snow, skiing, sitting by the fireplace, hot cocoa with marshmallows and candy cane. Along with it comes the dreaded flu season,  most seasons see the increase in a new strain of the  viruses.  We can't forget the terrible H1N1 and...

Enhances your natural glow.

Ellie Bianca Rose All Natural Cell Renewal Oil is a lovely golden oil that smells exactly like roses. All you need is a few drops and it absorbs instantly into the skin. Since I don't have dry skin I only use three drops. It absorbs into my skin within a...
by Cheyenne mitchell

A must have for breastfeeding: Shoosha Nipple Balm

Mamas, while it’s actually not normal for your nipples to hurt while breastfeeding it is common.  A nipple balm can be used to help soothe and heal sore nipples. I love Shoosha Rescue Nipple Balm because it contains calendula which is anti inflammatory. It also contains Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil...

Super Refreshing

Love adding Spirulina to my Green Smoothis  
by Claudia Rodrigues

Mushroom for your your every mood

The geniuses beind the Four Sigmatic mushroom enhanced beverages are mindblowingly genius.  They have single handedly made adding mushroom to your diet for health and wellness super accessible to all.  Drinking coffee, hot chocolate, non caffeinated superfood elixirs on the daily will boost your oxygenation capacity (think marathon runner), increase...
by Zahra Abbas

A plant based, chocolate flavoured drink.

A vegan certified plant based nutritional shake containing an assortment of fruits and vegetables. It contains only 7 grams of sugar in the entire 325ml bottle, 20g of protein, 4g of fibre and vitamins, minerals and omegas.  I picked this up at Pharmaprix for 3.99$ assuming it wouldn't taste as...
by Cheyenne mitchell

Help for restless legs

Did you know almost half of Canadians are deficient in magnesium? I am one of those people and because of this, I was experiencing restless legs, insomnia, muscle cramps, fatigue, anxiety and heart palpitations. The thing is - I eat well. I have tons of fresh fruits, nuts and seeds...
by Allyson Grabish

Red Is the NEW GREEN!!

Red Superfoods has been such a great way to add more phytonutients to my water. With Beets, Pomegrantes, Berries, Goji, carrots it certainly ups my water and it taste great. Love the Fact that it is Certified Organic, Gluten Free and Non GMO 
by Claudia Rodrigues

try this for glowing smooth skin!

I love using a facial dry brush to help stimualte lymphatic drianage and to improve circulation which helps bring abeautiful glow to the face! It also leaves our skin feeling so soft!  
by Marla Pietruszko HD BSc RHN

EcoIdeas Activated Organic Spicy Mango Trail Mix

My family and I have been finding ways to enjoy our time together shut off from tech.   One of our favourite past times together is trying new healthy foods / snacks. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to just put a few minutes together to laugh, and make some irreplaceable...

My number one go-to product for any pain

I regularly work 10-12+ hour days, commute 2+ hours round trip, and have to study for several hours before going to bed. Rinse and repeat. I don't have time to either be kept awake at night by pain (I am not at my peak productivity with less than 6 hours...

Refreshing Superfood

I love this powder as it is easy to dissolve into water and tastes delicious! It has been so easy for me to take in my nutrients with this red superfoods beverage!
by Nadina Villacis


Hey guys, Julia here! Growing up I never understood why my grandma wasn’t allowed to have sugar. I later discovered that she was a diabetic. Individuals who have diabetes either don't make enough insulin or can't effectively use the insulin it does make. This means that people with diabetes require...
by Julia-Anna Berechet RHN

This toothpaste is yummy!

Radius makes a great kids toothpaste gel that my daughter loves and I approve. It’s safe to be used by infants 6 months and older. The ingredients are organic and clean, free of fluoride, preservatives, sulfates, gluten, parabens, saccharin, carrageenan and artificial flavour. This flavour was dragon fruit with neem,...
by Julia-Anna Berechet RHN

Natural way to ease Pain without messing up your gut

PAIN FX by Healthology Worked on some deep stretches with the foam roller and tension ball after my workout.  Ouch some of those spots are pretty tender.  So I took one PAIN FX to ease the aches and pains before I carry out the day.  This GMO free all natural...
by Astrid - Heal me in the Kitchen

Wholefood Vitamin C Supplement

Consuming nutrient dense wholefoods is important in relation to taking synthetic supplements as it has a higher absorption rate (since your body recognizes it more energetically). Baobab - a fruit from a beautiful tree originating in Madagascar is full of Vitamin C and happens to be what its most famous...
by Nakisa Saxton

Shoosha Organic Lemon Eucalyptus Summer Spray 🦟

This summer we have spent a lot more time hiking. This time last year, I was just heading into my appointment to get my IUD changed, not knowing cancer was in my future. 🤭 With my health being on the up and up, me and the girls have been able...

Want to try making a "Sweet Potato Flour" Chocolate Cake!

I love trying new products in my kitchen, especially when it comes to baking. I love to bake healthy and with so many new products on the market today it's hard to keep up. I was lucky enough to find out that Ecoideas has a Sweet Potato Flour. I've never...

Ecoideas Tigernut Bits-Not a nut, a tuber!

I had never heard of Tigernuts before and, having nut in the name, you would think that they were a nut, but they're not.  They're actually a tuber, meaning they grow in the ground like potatoes.  Tigernuts are high in potassium, vitamin E, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and zinc and are...
by Kiley Briscoe

Clean teeth don’t always need bubbles. 

Bentodent Toothpaste + Bonus Bamboo Brush My gut healing journey, taught me how to read labels.  And when I can’t find products that suit my needs, I DIY it.  I learned that to support my healing, I needed to lessen the toxic load from all angles. The more I researched,...
by Astrid - Heal me in the Kitchen

Looking to boost your immune system?

Right now, more then ever, it is very important to keep your immune system healthy.  Stress, toxins, air pollution, sickness,  all cause free radical damage to our cells resulting in our bodies inability to fight off infections as well. For this reason, it is very important to stay healthy and...
by Emily Price

Year Round Immunity

In our family we don't wait around for cold and flu season to hit before we try to strengthen and build up our immune systems. It's a year round thing. Especially during these unprecedented times where a second wave of Covid is almost guaranteed, we don't want to gamble with...
by Olivia Rzezicki