Nature's Source
De-stress/Reduce Cortisol (and belly fat) - Mushroom Drink!
Ayda Celik
The multivitamin with the smilie face
Tammy Catania
If you want to be Super - Try Red Super Foods
The Holistic Detectives
MapleBee Nectar
Honey vinegar is the REAL deal!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
Healthy Planet
Oil Up your Balls - Let's do some TRULY clean laundry!
The Holistic Detectives
Pure + Natural BUG REPELLENT
Christine Palmer, RHNP
Ultra-Absorbable Vitamin C
Christine Palmer, RHNP
Healthy Planet
Best Vegan Protein Powder 🌱
Darcee Dorrans
Nature's Source
Cut the sick recovery in half
MapleBee Nectar
Acid Reflux? Leg Cramps? High Cholesterol? Have you ever tried Maple Bee Nectar Honey Vinegar?
Emily Price
Marla Pietruszko
Alkaline Water - Balance your PH, Lose weight, be energized!
Ayda Celik
Love hemp seeds
Melissa Torio
Autumn Elise
Best Sauce We've Ever Reviewed - Coconut Sauce
The Holistic Detectives
The Perfect Energy Boost
Lindsay Maxwell
Nature's Source
Post yoga workout energy boost!
Nature's Source
Non-Chemical, Non-Whitening Protection from UVA - Less Wrinkles, Age Spots & Cancer!
Laurel McBrine, CNP
Guilt-Free, Low Sugar, Vegan Gummy Candy
Laurel McBrine, CNP
Everyday Protection from Sun & Free Radicals with Age Defying BB Cream
Laurel McBrine, CNP
Marla Pietruszko
The most addictive ayurvedic form of self care.
Rebecca Owusu
Naturalene by Greeniche are part of my summer body care essentials!
Zahra Abbas
Perfect morning boost!
Autumn Elise
MapleBee Nectar
Christine Palmer, RHNP
Cooking at a high smoke point? You NEED this!
Rebecca Owusu
Allergies are SNOT funny.
The Holistic Detectives
Keto - Shnacky-Shnack
The Holistic Detectives
Fine White Powder, No Sludge Fiber Supplement to Keep Things Moving!
Laurel McBrine, CNP
School & Workplace Friendly SEED Butter
Rebecca Owusu

Have Cake & Be Healthy Too? Yes Please!

This is my go-to, sure thing, always delicious, always a hit, Chocolate Cake.  And, 🤫, it's secretly healthy too. Give it a try!  Recipe below. I love love versatile recipes and this one never disappoints.  Moist and delicious for any event, in any season.  Easy to decorate for any occasion...
by Deborah Gurash

I love Lavender! Especially NOW's Essential Oil Lavender.

I've been using NOW's Essential Oil Lavender for years. It's truly one of my favorite essential oils. I love mixing it with NOW's Almond Oil on the bottom of my feet to help with sleep. I love putting it in my water diffusers and have it mist into the air...
by Jennifer Morse

Great nail topcoat

I love getting my nails done at a salon but that can get expensive fast. I always love how shiny the top coat is. I was able to find CND weekly topcoat at a drugstore and it's amazing. Dries fast and give you that so shiny look. I love it....
by Diane krzyzek

A decent alternative to my typical fruity protein powder

I had been searching for years for a protein powder that is refreshing and not too sweet. I finally found a tropical passion flavoured one from Protein Co that I now love and use after each training session. I like it because it tastes like I'm drinking juice. So when...

No Need for a Face Mask!

I love this facewash by SoulTree! I am always making masks with tumeric and honey, so this product was a treat for me to try! I love the smell and the way that my face felt after using!
by Nadina Villacis

Cheer up!

Fun fact: I used to work at a mainstream aromatherapy store and I LOVED it. I loved learning about the benefits of essential oils and demonstrating them on customers. I even ended up owning about a dozen diffusers and a whole lotta diffuser blends.🙈Then I worked at a health food...
by Sindy Ng, BASc, CNP

Fluoride & SLS FREE

I really like this toothpaste as it's free from toxic ingredients like Fluoride and SLS (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates) that can have potentially harmful longterm effects.Fluoride is a waste by-product of the fertilizer and aluminum industry and is linked to cognitive decline, metabolic dysfunction , and is considered the prevalent cancer...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP

Sweeet as Honey, VINEGAR!

If you're looking for a digestive beverage that'll make your gut happy and healthy - look no further. Honey vinegar is where it's at!I've been using it primarily as an evening night-cap - a simple concoction of HONEY VINGEAR stirred into warm water to help ease my digestive issues.Made with 100% unpasteurized RAW honey,...
by Daniela

Super and mighty little seeds!

These are SO delicious! I add them to salads, soups, wraps and my favourite raw onion bread! Talk about a flavour boost!! Super yummy! I also enjoy a good crunch! Full of nutrients! These will be a staple in my pantry! 
by Tina Joly

Women Endure Workout Dry Spray -Keeps you smelling fresh!

Women Endure Workout Dry Spray- The cool cucumber scent was refreshing. It lasted throughout the day and even after exercising in the evening I did not smell sweaty. I’m not very active these days so I haven’t rigorously tested it, but so far it has done a good job. The...

When Life is Spinning out of control

Maybe the kids are driving you bananas, you had an argument with a loved one, work is overwhelming...  You feel like life is spinning out of control and you just aren't functioning at full capacity.  Chill Pills by New Roots can help tremendously!  One little capsule, full of adaptogens, vitamins...
by Deborah Gurash

My spoiled chocolate cake .

What is better than a chocolate cake to spoil your family and family with ? My famous chocolate cake is our family one and only star  , to make it we need:  2 cups of flour ( five roses flour) 1 cup of oat flour ( Quaker)  5 large eggs...
by Em Adam

Love my coffee but can't drink it black

I love coffee. I love the smell and I love the taste but I can not drink black coffee. I have tried but I just can't do it. I don't drink or use milk so these coffee creamers are great. On a daily basics I use the original creamer but...
by Tammy Catania

Amazing Red Superfoods!

Prairie Naturals did it again with this Red Superfoods blend of organic fruits and vegetables! I love adding a scoop of it to my daily smoothies, it makes it taste even more amazing!Highly recommended! 😊🙌
by The Humming Vegan 🌿

Instantly Absorbed

I recently tried out this face cream and love it. Its ingredient listing is clean and it didn't have a strong scent. It aborbed into my skin easily and didn't leave a greasy feel. One thing I really love about it is that it is gently enough that I can...
by Tammy Catania

Carb-free Noodles?!? Ya Baby!

Even my husband enjoyed them.  And, he can usually be counted on to actually run from anything new lol.Low cal, No Carbs, High Fibre, Gluten-free, Vegan, and Organic!  And, no cooking required!Ecideas Organic Konjac Noodles are made from the Japanese root b=vegetable, Konjac.  The noodles have a completely neutral taste,...
by Deborah Gurash

LavendAdderall: My kind of Calm

So many easy and effective ways to bring lavender into your Hygge Lifestyle in Canada.  I use lavender essential oil all year long but winter time proves to need a little more mood balancing, pampering and warmth..just another level up.  Lavender oil capsules when supplemented with for a minimum of 2 weeks can promote relaxation, ease nervous anxiety feelings, improve sleep and digestion (lavender is a good tonic for phase 1 liver detoxification).  I love the aromatherapy calming effects of a good lavender scented soap.  Sometimes I even take a cup of lavender tulsi tea into a nice warm, salty lavender bath.  It just melts away the brunt of the low temperatures and low sunlight exposure during our lovely Canadian winters.
by Zahra Abbas

Best Moisturizer

This is one of the only oils I use for my hair and skin! Its great for moisturizing hair masks, apllying to dry skin and while youre in the sun to keep yoru skin healthy! LOVE IT!
by Marla Pietruszko

Anti-inflammatory Supplement for Psoriasis

This supplement helped reduce my psoriasis SO MUCH due to tis antiinflammatory properties! Its great for arthritis too and I would HIGHLY reccommend this to anyone with chronic inflammation!
by Marla Pietruszko

Good pulled pork substitute

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone 😁Have you ever heard of jackfruit? It is a large, green tropical fruit that grows in bunches on trees. The fruits flesh is naturally fibrous and delicious.Its texture has been compared to that of pulled pork when marinated in a BBQ-like sauce. 🔥You can buy it in canned...
by 🌻 Whitney 🌻Healing with food

Strong Bones and Teeth

I am loving this product by PuricaIonicbone supports the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth!It helps to regulate cell division, energy metabolism and tissue formation and bone!Also helps electrolyte balance, normal muscle function and metabolism — all so vital for bone health and overall wellness! Calcium, phosphorus and...
by Melissa Weatherall

Silky smooth

This cold weather is taking its toll on my skin!I am finding my legs and feet so dry right now!Thank goodness for this Pure and Certified Organic Shea Butter!This product has a rich and luxurious texture and it penetrates deep to moisturize! I am loving it!!Did you know Shea Butter...
by Melissa Weatherall

MyKind Organics Vitamin D3 Spray

If there’s one thing I love about @gardenoflifecanada products is that their formula provides you with real foods. And as passionate as they are about what goes into their products they also make sure they keep the bad stuff out. Most companies use fillers and synthetic chemicals to make machines...
by muvanutrition