Goli Apple cider vinegar Gummy🍎🍏
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No more stinky pits (CannCell Botanical Deodorant by Andalou)
Tammy Catania
High fiber flour!
Darcee Dorrans
Woohoo! Finally, a natural deodorant that works 🥳
Deborah Gurash
I almost ate the whole bag! Yes of Laiki Crackers!
Emily Price
Organic Traditions
Focus Fuel Coffee Smells Like Cake
The Holistic Detectives
Hemp Stem Cell Infused Deodorant
Rachel C
Shameless Smooth Sweetness that's not sugar
Tea for your tummy!
Jennifer Taverner
First few sips are soothing and calming
Can this be? ACV in a Gummie!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
Look Forward To Apple Cider Vinegar
Rachel C
Get a natural boost for a great nights sleep.
Darcee Dorrans
Glowing Skin Naturally
Rachel C
Organic Hand Sanitizer - Perfect to keep in your purse or car
Andrea Kadnar
Hockey Parents Rejoice!! We have a solution for hockey-stink!!
The Holistic Detectives
Show your body some love with natural products. Andalou CannaCell Botanical deodorant.
Tina Joly
Do you suffer from insomnia?
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Natural Deodorant that actually works!
Darcee Dorrans
Coffee Booster
Are you looking for a Keto creamer?
Emily Price
Smells like Coffee Cake but packed with more goodness
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Antiinflammatory for Arthritis
Marla Pietruszko
Bubly is a fantasticly, delicious Pop Alternative!
The Holistic Detectives


Using natural beauty-care products is something that is very important to me as it takes only seconds for our bodies to absorb what is on our skin into our bloodstream.I brought the Naturalene face cleanser, facial wipes and moisturizer on my trip to New York with me. They are very...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Sometimes you need more than a healthy diet

Sometimes, food isn't enough.  Eating a balanced diet can certainly help maintain healthy iron levels in your blood, but sometimes our bodies need a little extra help.My body doesn't make enough ferritin.  Think of ferritin as the storage tank of the body, proteins that store iron, releasing it when your...
by Deborah Gurash

Great concealer

L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Radiant concealer is great. It works well for under eye circles. It goes on light, it doesn't look dry or cakey on fine lines and wrinkles. It gives full coverage. Combined with the Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation you get a nice natural look.
by Tammy Lauzon

Enjoy a mini spa treatment every morning

The jade facial roller has been a huge skin saver for me. As one of the years top beauty items I had to try one for myself and I wasn't dissapointed. My under eye circles are less dark, my skin is tighter and more toned and the tension I carry...
by Darcee Dorrans

Suck it up, Buttercup!

The days of single use plastic are slowly coming to an end. About time, right? Straws have been a major player in the environmental chaos but a simple change can make a huge difference.For a while now I have been using stainless steel straws but now that I have been...
by 💞 Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Major Anti-oxidant!

Free radicals attack us everywhere - in our food via chemicals, pesticides, germs.  In the environment, in smog, in traffic exhaust, in our home care via, cleaners, shampoo and radicals come from the sun, poor air quaity and so on.Our immune systems are built to handle free radicals we...
by The Holistic Detectives

💚 Ginger Matcha Chia Pudding with Chocolate Muesli & more!

😍 I am a huge chia seed fan, and I love Matcha (and Ginger Matcha is amazing!), so the inspiration for this orginal recipe came quickly! This Chia Pudding will keep you going all day and will give you alot of the healthy benefits that come from chia seeds and...

Chocolate chip cookie or energy bar?

These bars are always very sweet and could easily pass as cookies. BUT I still love them. At least there is much more in there than just sugar. Sometimes a little indulgence is okay. 🍪
by Jennifer Morse

Going To Somewhere Tropical With Sisu!

🎼If you like Pina Colada...🎼 Sometimes it’s fun to sip on a tropical drink sans alcohol but still feel like you’re being whisked away to a far-off destination. Well, now you can quench your thirst and feel like you’re sitting in a balmy tropical breeze when sipping on Sisu’s “Pina...
by Lindsay Maxwell

Moisturizing and non-greasy

I use both scented and unscented body care products.  I tend to go more unscented when i am going to be in a non fragrance zone or just when my nausea acts up.This body lotion is unscented but has its own unique scent that is not really offensive,  cloying nor...
by Nkiru Odunukwe

Bare-Faced and Confidant!

I've really been enjoying this All-In-One Under Eye Gel from Dermaniche.  Just the tiniest bit is all you need.  Gently dab a bit along your cheekbones and near the outer corner of your eyes, where we tend to get fine lines.  The gel is so cooling and refreshing. I care...
by Deborah Gurash

Tasty water

I received this water to try for free but now this is my favorite because I don't drink too much sodas so this is the best drink to hydrate you in summers and it taste great
by Beautystylemama

Seaweed: Mineral-rich, convenient and not fishy!

Did you know that sea vegetables have more minerals than any land vegetable? And have you ever even called your vegetables “land” vegetables?🤣 ⁣⁣Probably not because our culture rarely eats sea vegetables let alone includes them as a staple. ⁣⁣I like when things are super easy and Marinoe makes a...
by Food Sensitivities & Smoothies

Miracle sleeping pills thanks to Veeva

With all of this coronavirus madness happening around us, sleep has been a struggle for me. It started with Montreal’s first case a few weeks ago, which happened to be in the neighbourhood I live and work in. Next we started to hear more and more cases. Major city centres...
by Jennifer Morse

It's like a whole fruit and veggie garden all in one scoop. (Samuraw Organic Complete Green powder for adults)

Green powders are a must superfood to have on hand for me. I try to get in most of my vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables but it isn't possible all the time. So having a good back up is extremely important and Samuraw's Organic Complete contains everything...

Why take magnesium chelated to organic brown rice protein?

Because when magnesium is chelated it becomes more easily absorbed in our body. Garden of Life's magnesium is chelated to organic brown rice protein making it a whole food supplement not synthetic.  Did you know that two of the main reasons 85% of the population is deficient in magnesium is...

Goodbye Creases! Serious fine line and wrinkly repair 💯

Thanks to  Neutrogena Canada I recently had the opportunity to try Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Oil  and I used it for a full week.  This retinol based oil contains a highly concentrated form of Retinol SA proven to dramatically reduce stubborn signs of aging. The instructions state to use...

Ethical Beauty Vitamin C Serum

🧡 Took the opportunity to try my Derma E samples. The first thing I noticed when I opened the vitamin C Concentrated Serum was the fresh scent! This serum has hyaluronic acid so when I first applied it I felt tingling for literally a split second. A little goes a...
by Laureen H

Degree Women Endurance Antiperspirant.

As a mom who is always on the go, having an antiperspirant that lasts long and does it job is very important to me. This new Degree Motion Sense Workout Series really does what it promises. It goes on very smooth, and even after 12 hours of wearing it there...
by Angie Wright

Such a Great Water Product

The ZeroWater water filtration and purification pitcher is a game changer.  We have a well and when I tested my water with the tester provided with the pitcher, I discovered our water is very high in dissolved solids.  After filtering the water through the pitcher, our water tested at, yep,...
by Tracey Conley

Impressive Whey Protein

I was looking for a new whey protein and it was taking me a while as I have standards that I won't compromise on. As a nutritionist, I want to make sure the whey is New Zealand whey which is considered the gold standard for whey protein as the cows...
by Alexandra W.

Anyone Love K cups?!

I received this as sample from Topbox last month. My hubby really loves coffee so I try my best to get whatever sampmes out there. I have received a few. He does like his timmies coffee and this one, necafe! 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Herb Cycling for Menstrual Health with Shatavari (Part One)

Like seed cycling, where you consume specific seeds during either the follicular or luteal phase of your cycle, herb cycling functions similarly to affect hormone balance as well.There are many herbs that can be considered, but to keep it simple, let's focus on one.While I've been seed cycling for quite...

Cleansing Oil that works great, for less!

I have stumbled on an amazing product and it's such a good deal! I found this in a Walmart while I was looking for something else. I had tried another cleansing oil sometime back and I didn't like it. This was such a good price ($7.97!) so I looked up...