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Natural Pain Relief Gel that WORKS!
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Coffee Booster
Refocus and put mind over matter!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
Nutrition House
Vitamin C for increased immunity
Darcee Dorrans
Moringa Oleifera is available in capsules from Greeniche Natural Health! Yay!
Emily Price
All-Natural Pain Relief That Works!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
Magic moringa the easy way!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
100% natural for real results!
Darcee Dorrans
Immune Health For All!!! Clinically evaluated Celt Immuno-Care® is an All-In-One for Immune support.
Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)
Can this be? ACV in a Gummie!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
💛 30 Billion LIVE Raw Probiotics for Optimum Gut Health & much more!
Laureen H
Shameless Smooth Sweetness that's not sugar
Shoosha True
Save your babies skin with Shoosha healing balm!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
Goli Apple cider vinegar Gummy🍎🍏
Tashekia White
Get a natural boost for a great nights sleep.
Darcee Dorrans
No more stinky pits (CannCell Botanical Deodorant by Andalou)
Tammy Catania
Energy and Vitamins wherever you go!
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I almost ate the whole bag! Yes of Laiki Crackers!
Emily Price
A Smart Vitamin for Smart Kids
Rachel C
A good nights sleep is so important for your health
Andrea Kadnar
Do you suffer from insomnia?
Andrea Kadnar

Versatile Meat Alternative

This easy to use, organic, gluten and soy free shredded jackfruit is the perfect meat substitute. It's so versatile and can be used in burgers, sandwiches, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, sloppy joes, pizza, salads, and so much more! The fibrous texture and unique taste really makes it a perfect substitution for...
by Cayla Ranice

Mott's Fruitsations+Fibre Unsweeteened Mango Peach

I received the Mott's Fruitsations+Fibre Unsweeteened Mango Peach for free (#freeproduct #gotitfree) from FamilyRated in exchange for an honest review. I have purchased Mott's Fruitsations snacks in the past, and have always been happy with them. I love that they offer unsweetened snacks, that way you know what is going...

Super gentle yet effective

A really awesome exfoliant in my opinion, made with natural ingredients and is also gentle on skin. I use other deeper exfoliants a few times a week but use this as a light daily one. For sure recommend.
by Mesha Thompson

Complete Nutrition!

Samuraw is an all natural, whole food supplement that contains vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Each serving contains 21 nutrients from 25 superfoods such as veggies, fruit and sea vegetables. There is nothing synthetic in this supplement whatsoever. As a matter of fact it contains all real raw foods we have...
by Kelsey Hoey

Great burst of flavour

So I took another spin on the stevia flavours by Flavorall. I did my baking and made cupcakes , however I decided to infuse my buttercream with the Cardamon and Saffron  flavours.  I used the Amazing almond flavour in my cupcake batter. I did cheat and use pre packaged boxed...
by Tracey Corriveau

Clean and fresh

Okay so I am really loving this charcoal oral rinse by My Magice Mud. Not only does it come in a fantastic cool looking flask shaped bottle but it also has the taste of fireball cinnamon flavour. Thinking about those red cinnamon hearts this is the exact taste while using...
by Tracey Corriveau

It's all going to be ok/Ça va bien aller 🌈

I hope you're all staying safe and sane out there. Navigating social distancing amid the Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging to say the least. Our daily life has been turned upside down and I've found a few ways that have been helping our family make the best out of this...

Like pie in a glass!

I found another favorite! I had and opportunity to test out this protein powder and wow! I have never tried berry flavoured protein powder before. All I know is this one tastes like berry pie in a glass. So delicious and only 150 calories per scoop. Each scoop containes 25g...
by Tricia Duliban

Hidden treat inside

I was really excited to try these new Mini-Wheats! I eat the original almost every day and find they help with my digestion. The Cocoa inside is a nice new twist that everyone will love from young to old. With a hint of cinnamon and chocolate inside they sound amazing...
by Candice
by Karla Sceviour

Extra refreshing and lots of lathery luxury

💛🍋 This bodywash from #burtsbees is one of my newest favourites 💛🍋!  It's so refreshing! The scent combination of rosemary and lemon is invigorating and a real treat for the senses. You only need a little for a lot of lather. It contains 98.7% natural ingredients and is moisturising, nourishing...

Finally...delicious Apple Cider Vinegar is here!

I just got home from grocery shopping for the  week and found my husband rooting around in the in the kitchen (this always raises red flags) here's the conversation that followed. Husband: (yelling from the kitchen as I'm bringing in grocery bags) when did you buy gummy bears? Me: I...

My Sleeping Pill! (Sshhh!)

I've been taking this Naural Calm Magnesium with Calcium for many years now and I cannot express in words how much better I really feel!!! My overall sleep routine has improved immensely not to mention my overall health. Every night about 1/2 hour before bedtime I mix 1 teaspoon of...
by Holly Curtis

A boost of moisture for dry skin

I'm not usually a fan of facial oils because many tend to break me out. The Dermaniche Saffron Facial Beauty Oil doesn't though and it's become a part of my routine to help with my dry skin. The very first ingredient is saffron, which is impressive to find it not...
by Allyson Grabish

Once daily probiotics

This is such a easy way to take care of your gut health! I am not a yogurt person. So for me it's so easy to take this probiotic once a day! In every capsule there is 14 strains of probiotic! They are also gluten free, dairy free and soy...
by Natalie Patenaude

Kimi Cuisine Dish Brush with Soap Dispenser

I've always been interested in trying one of these dish wands that can dispense washing up liquid, especially as I suffer from an illness that makes my hands weak. However, while I enjoyed the process of using this, I had to give it the lowest rating due to quality. The...
by Siobhan Westley

The best way to lose weight, be healthy and still eat the food you love

I've been using Better than Konjac Noodles for the past 3 years and recommend them to all my clients who are on a low-carb diet because they are delicious, contain fiber and calcium and very little calories!  These are a great substitute for your typical glutenfree pasta or rice. They...

Introducing you to "Organic Tradition's" Moringa Leaf Powder from "The Tree of Life"

Moringa Leaf Powder is such an amazing superfood native to India. So much pure goodness in this nutrient dense green powder.When you think of moringa, think of antioxidants, vitamin B's, calcium, iron, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Think eye health, cardiosvasular support (may lower blood pressure and may lower cholesterol),...

Protect your skin from pollution, dryness and seasonal change

💙 Last night I tried my sample of Advanced Genifique Sensitive Serum from Lancome   I liked what it promised - protection from seasonal change, pollution, friction and dryness. As usual from Lancome this is a quality skincare antiaging product. It has two aspects, the blue 98% pure antioxidants and a...

Can you guess this texture!

It’s @indeedlabs Watermelon Melting Balm and what makes it different? It’s in a tube! It features watermelon and hemp seed oil to nourish and hydrate your skin. I found it to be very gentle on my skin but still extremely effective. It is easy to apply and comes to a...
by Sara Malcovich

Tinted CC Cream, SPF 30, Non-Chemical, Non-Whitening, Antioxidant Benefits & Moisture!

This is my favorite every day, four in one product to protect, moisturize and help protect against both free radicals and sun damage from UVA/UVB rays. It has a tint that disguises the usual white cast you tend to get with non-chemical, physical sunblocks. This one has 20% zinc oxide,...

Take care of your LIVER - the most detoxifying organ!

Its eye opening when you start to think about everythihg your liver is responsible for detoxing! Anyting from the shampoo that you use, face wash or tooth paste.  It's part of the reason I try and use the most natural products for my skin & body & drink plenty of...

the holy grail

These are the best hair products I have ever purchased - well worth the splurge. After a few washes, my hair was so much softer, shinier, and more manageable. It works well to repair damage, which is great for people who dye their hair. 
by Jenny M

98% Naturally derived shampoo that leaves your hair silky smooth!

This Garnier repairing shampoo feels amazing in my hair! It feels so light and doesn’t make my hair feel waxy or weigh my hair down. The scent is my favorite part, no overwhelming and fake. It smells light and refreshing with natural scents. My hair looks so shiny and soft,...