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Focus Fuel Coffee Smells Like Cake
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Be a Smarty Pants! Healthy, delicious complete vitamins for kids
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💚 Super Powerful & Effective, and Gentle!
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PB2 is food MAGIC!
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Glowing Skin Naturally
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😍💯 My New Favourite Under Eye Gel - Wow!
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DIY Pop With Soda Stream!
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Kid sold on "Interesting" flavour of healthy snack bars
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Self Care for a youthful glow
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Great antiinflammatory supplement
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Elevate and Celebrate! Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein & Greens!
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Coffee Booster
Keto Creamer Booster, not just for coffee
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Bubly is a fantasticly, delicious Pop Alternative!
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A supplement to support mood and immunity!
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Shiva's Delight
Shivas Delight! All Canadian Natural Deodarant - that works!!
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DIY Hand Sanitizer
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Why choose soluable fibre?
Astrid - Heal me in the Kitchen

Flavorall Simple Saffron & Almond Cheesecake

This was so fun to make! I've never tried the Flavorall products before and it was so fun getting to try them out!  This recipe makes a pan 9” by 1”  ( I used a tart pan because I don’t have a spring pan but you can use either. )...
by Mesha Thompson

Every tired mom should be using this

The first year of a babies life can be the most tiring for moms and dads (Don't forget dads lose sleep too). Between night feedings and sleep regressions we end up with super low energy and extremly exhausted. Not getting enough rest can really mess with the immune system and...
by Tammy Catania

Vegan Protein, at its BEST!

WIth almost 100 plant-based ingredients, this is a protein powder that delivers a nutritonal, powerhouse punch like no other, seriously. If you're anything like me and NEED to get your veggies...protein...good fats and antioxidant fruits on a daily basis, this is a surefire way to get it ALL... all one...
by Daniela

Boost Your Heath Game with Saruraw Organic Complete

I have been doing some research into vitamins and minerals lately and I was shocked at how companies can market their products as "natural" when they are just synthetic nutrients made in a lab. Did you know that when you purchase synthetic vitamins you are only absorb less than 25%...

Smokey eye go to

I finally gave in and bought this pallet. It is a bit expensive because of the brand name but I found the powders to have a lot of pigment to them! And I like that it comes with a brush. I got mine at shoppers online so I could use...
by Mesha Thompson

Candy you don’t feel guilty about

Smart sweets are an amazing all natural candy! I was skeptical at first when seeing each bag only contains 5 grams of sugar for a 50 gram bag. Considering other candies have around 46 grams of sugar for a 60 gram bag 😲 I thought the taste wouldn’t be all...

Creamy Comfort in a Box

Sometimes you just need a super simple  meal that you can throw together without thinking about it. For me Daiya pasta products are exactly that. I personally like both flavours, but I almost prefer the alfredo. I love adding greens and/or cremini mushrooms sauteed in coconut aminos to the pasta...
by Rebecca Owusu

Clean, simple, organic rye cereal

In the world of cereal wheat typically reigns supreme.  That why I was intrigued when a rye and oatmeal-based cereal appeared in front of me.  Milzu organic rye and oatmeal flakes are packed with fiber, vitamin E, iron and magnesium.  When compared with wheat, rye is considered more nutritious, in...
by Christina Loizou

Obsessed with this Coconut Oil 🥥

This is hands down the best coconut oil I’ve ever cooked/baked with. Silkeny Organic coconut oil is great in desserts, my homemade cashew cheese and it’s the perfect oil for stir frying veggies.  It has a smooth taste that’s not over powdering and is my favourite thing to mix in...
by Darcee Dorrans

A heavy moisturizer- great for cracked hands in the winter!

This helps save my poor dry cracked hands in the winter! I love to apply it every night before bed and let it do it's thing throughout the night.  There are so many uses - you can use it as a foot mask (exfoliate, lather up, put on some socks!),...

Forget Pulled pork , Pulled Jackfruit takes a Hit and gets all vegans excited again!

Jackfruit fajitas ! Something I didn’t know but now I do is the key to a shredded pulled chicken like effect that’s VEGAN is using jackfruit AND BOILING THEM prior to doing anything else ! 👩🏼‍🍳 Jackfruit is a great alternative to chicken or any meat for my vegan friends...

Why Organic Mascara?

Why? Because of her. My daughter is 13 and now interested in make-up.  As a Holistic Nutritionist, I now know all too well the number of chemicals in make-up.  I did a paper on this very topic for school and I was shocked that even in the little cute make-up...
by The Holistic Detectives

No pit odor here.................

I have tried every natural deodorant possible and they all left me smelling worse than I would without deodorant. They smelt great until I started sweating and I sweat a lot especially if I am nervous or feeling stressed. I heard a lot about Schmidt's and thought why not give...
by Tammy Catania

Amazing Suppliment

Being vegan I like to cover all my bases. Especially being as active as I am. I recently started taking Pure-le Natural Easy Vitamins & Minerals Iron Powder and it is the perfect fit for my lifestyle. 
by Tricia Duliban

Graydon - Full Moon Serum

Another new, great product from Canadian creators Graydon Skincare. Introducing the blue beauty: FULL MOON SERUM. A non-greasy, anti-aging formula that I love using before bed. Since it's not oil based. I prefer applying oil based serums before I put on makeup. So yea, reason why I reach for this...
by WhippedGreenGirl

Meiqiduo Baby Girls Lace Dress

This Lace gown for children from the brand Meiqiduo is a sweet little thing, but it doesn’t come without flaws. At around $20-25 I’d be a lot happier with it, but at the current price of $38.99 I think there’s some room for improvement. It’s not bad, but it’s my...
by Siobhan Westley

The staple in my make up bag

I am a stay at home mom and also work from home so I don't wear much make up, but I do wear mascara everyday. Just that one thing can give you a totally different look. When I started to change all my make up over to a more natural...
by Tammy Catania

Soultree has soul but does it have beauty power?

I got the delight of trying some new Soultree products this last week and wanted to share some insights with you all on the quality and results I received with them as well as some background on the company and why they may find a place in your home. To...
by Charlene Sutherland

Do You Need Immune System Support? Try KI Immune Defense & Energy Formula!

I've been supporting my Immune System with this product for the past few months.  It comes in very easy to swallow hard tablets and it seems to be working.   I have not gotten a cold or flu this year while everyone around me seems to be fighting something lately.  I...

Best oil for the skin

I love jojoba oil beause it is light so it wont clog your pores but at the same time, it is very hydrating!
by Marla Pietruszko

Healthology Pain Fx Joint Formula Review

Ever since I finished my #cancer treatments, I’ve been dealing with #rheumatoidarthritis / joint pain in my hips and legs. It’s been so much fun. 😑 Mornings, have been the best time for me to get myself moving before that night time super stiffness sets in. 😓 I recently was...

Smoothie Booster

I tried this Raw Organic Moringa this week in my smoothies for the awesome vitamin and mineral content.  The more variety I can add to my diet to source natural vitamins and minerals the better.  It looks like matcha and blends right in, I am going to try it as...
by Deanna Trask RHN

Dove ultra care conditioner

I really love this conditioner . The smell is amazing . I have seen the change on my hair really great . I feel it more softer and less frizzy . I can say it even looks like my hair has life again . I find that I keep using...
by Vanessa collino

Keeping me Healthy and Strong!

This antioxidant supplement has become my new favourite. I used it when I have been feeling like i may be getting sick, or if I'm travelling. This supplement has kept me feeling health and strong through the last few months. I love that it is a vegan capsule and made...
by Nadina Villacis