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Al-gen offers effective allery relief !

Al-gen is a great little herbal blend that packs a punch for allergies.  If you suffer from hay fever or other seasonal allergies,  you want to try it. It's made with natural herbs and comes in a handy glass bottle that is easy to use. You just shake the drops...
by Emily Price

A.Vogel Celebrates Ontario's Heritage Flower -- The Purple Coneflower: aka Echinacea!! My super fav!!

OK! Not only is this amazing flower native to Ontario and super bee-friendly -- so, plant these!! But, it's really one of my all-time favourites to support immune function and inflammation. A. Vogel, or Bioforce has really nailed it! Alfred Vogel has been at the forefront of health since 1923!...

Mrs. Meyers Peppermint Hand Soap

This is a wonderful smelling soap that does the job very well! I love the design of the bottle; it makes me smile every time I look at it and it looks cute sitting on my bathroom counter. Peppermint is the main scent. I love using peppermint oil in my...
by Jennifer Morse

Parenting must have: organic baby balm

Scratches happen. It's inevitable. It doesn't matter if you cut your babies nails every couple of days or 6 times a day, they will always find a way to scratch their delicate skin.  Sometimes these scratches can take a little while to heal, especially if they are deep. The scratch...
by Amanda Benwell

An effective, convenient and flavourless collagen supplement

Do you drink coffee daily? Would you like to be less stiff, have better skin and hair, or other additional health benefits? If you answered, “Yes!” Collagen by Coffee Booster might be right for you!  Collagen accounts for about a third of your body’s protein composition. It’s one of the...

Incredible Healing Balm for Eczema and Psoriasis

I had extreme eczema and psoriasis for so many years! While I no longer have rashes, I still have extremely dry skin that cracks and sometimes bleeds especially after my hands are in water (washing dishes, bathing kids, etc). Any product I've ever tried on my skins always makes it...
by Marla Pietruszko HD BSc RHN

Fun gluten free flour!

I love finding new gluten free baking options. Ecoideas Purple Corn flour is a good source of fiber (3G per 1/4 cup) is gluten free, has antioxidants and added bonus it adds a fun purple colour to your baking! My daughter was so excited to make cookies with it today,...
by Darcee Dorrans BA RHN

Saje Peppermint Halo

I love all things sage... a few years ago u was introduced to Peppermint Halo & I became obsessed. So fresh, and totally takes my headaches away. Instant feeling of relief. 
by Melanie Nadeau

Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidants for Athletes!

I use this in my smoothies after my runs to not only replenish nutrients but combate inflammation and free radical damage with whole, raw Turmeric! And tastes amazing! 
by Carmyn Ferguson RHN

Naturalene Wipes for the WIN!

During this pandemic, personal hygiene has never been more important. Washing your hands is the #1 way to stay healthy-and many people are also using alcohol based wipes and hand sanitizer. I'm definetely all for staying healthy and keeping things clean but sometimes I just need to wipe down my...
by Seanna Thomas

Natural looking tan

Jorgensen natural glow instant sun is my favorite self tanner. It never leaves me looking orange or streaked. It dries fast and looks very natural. I love it and even use it on my face. It has never clogged my pores.
by Tatiana Qu
by Karla Sceviour

Hemp hearts for heart health

Vegan Pesto 🍃 Can I just say how much I love Manitoba Hemp Hearts! I use them in everything and they have this wonderful nutty taste. Sometimes I grind a tablespoon up with some vegan margarine and just spread it on my toast or I blend them up with fresh...
by Rachel C

Plant-based Vitamin D to support bones, teeth, immunity and mood!


Presidents choice vegan chocolate protein powder

I have tried many differet vegan protein powders over the years and I always get nervous when you have to buy a big tub of it and have no idea what the quality is like. So let me help you out by telling you this is genually one of my...

Lavender Warming Relaxation Mask

Warming Relaxation Mask If you’re looking for a relaxing eye mask check this out! Polar Naturals single-use warming mask is designed to provide you with relaxation and complete darkness to help you sleep.   If you are like me you need complete darkness to fully fall asleep and this did not...
by Tashekia White

Great Diabetic Snack-Karma Bites Himalayan Pink Salt Popped Lotus Seeds

Karma Bites Himalayan Pink Salt Popped Lotus Seeds come in a 50 g bag and cost around $6.  They are the perfect individual size so that you do not over eat and can eat it all in one sitting.  They make a great popcorn subsitite for those with an intolerance...

Cacao butter drop!

Thank you to @peopletail #peopletail @ecoideas for giving me the chance to try this! cacao has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties and it can maybe reduce risk of diabetes. Cacao is also good to help with blood flow, lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol. It has more calcium than...
by Roxanne Breau

Natural Naturalene is a go to moisturizer for everything and everyone

This cream is a bit thicker than your everyday moisturizer. It’s perfect for extra dry areas such as elbows and knees. I love that it is natural and contains beeswax. As a hand cream, it needs a bit more time to absorb and I also love the fact that it’s...

Arrtx Sketch Marker Paper Pad

The first thing I noticed about the Arrtx Sketch Marker Pad is that it doesn't feather at all. While generally it doesn't bleed, the alcohol ink can soak through if you're layering it a ton, as I tend to do. Even then, though, I layered a lot on a whole...
by Siobhan Westley

Vegan/nut free garden pesto!

I really love this pesto for a few reasons. Majority of brands have some kind of nut and/or cheese in its ingredients but Le Grand's Pesto G has neither. I try to avoid nuts because I have a hard time digesting them so it's nice to see a brand without...
by Nakisa Saxton


Lately I’ve been using #PureLeNatural  FIBERific and noticing that it’s really living up to its name! 👏🏼 Overall it’s a huge step up from it’s popular counterparts. 💚 Here’s why I love it:👉🏼 It’s flavourless so I can literally toss it into ANY of my drinks! Even just into water...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

A must try for baking!

I love to bake, and as a food blogger, I love to try new products that I can add to my recipes. I love to bake with sweeteners like maple syrup and honey, but I've never tried Monk Sweeter!  So this recipe is made with Sweet Monk. Sweet Monk is...
by NV

Aspartame Free Gum, yes please! Try Pur Coolmint Gum!

If you like a sugar free gum that is actually good for your teeth and gums, try Pur Coolmint gum! It is so refreshing in your mouth! It is made with xylitol! NOT ASPARTAME! Aspartame is commonly used in many gums on the market and there is so much contraversy...