A good nights sleep is so important for your health
Andrea Kadnar
Get a natural boost for a great nights sleep.
Darcee Dorrans
Moringa Oleifera is available in capsules from Greeniche Natural Health! Yay!
Emily Price
I almost ate the whole bag! Yes of Laiki Crackers!
Emily Price
Energy and Vitamins wherever you go!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
100% natural for real results!
Darcee Dorrans
Glow Skin Glow with this Collagen Peptide
A Smart Vitamin for Smart Kids
Rachel C
Goli Apple cider vinegar Gummy🍎🍏
Tashekia White
All-Natural Pain Relief That Works!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
Natural Pain Relief Gel that WORKS!
The Holistic Detectives
Can this be? ACV in a Gummie!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
Nutrition House
Vitamin C for increased immunity
Darcee Dorrans
Shameless Smooth Sweetness that's not sugar
Magic moringa the easy way!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
Coffee Booster
Refocus and put mind over matter!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN
No more stinky pits (CannCell Botanical Deodorant by Andalou)
Tammy Catania
Do you suffer from insomnia?
Andrea Kadnar
Immune Health For All!!! Clinically evaluated Celt Immuno-Care® is an All-In-One for Immune support.
Natasha Grincevicius (B.A.Sc.)
💛 30 Billion LIVE Raw Probiotics for Optimum Gut Health & much more!
Laureen H
Shoosha True
Save your babies skin with Shoosha healing balm!
Julia-Anna Berechet RHN

LeafSource®: The Ultimate “Foodaceutical” and Why You're Interested!

It's about time that we have our food working for us! Yes, this looks like a supplement/drug, with its fancy bottle and capsules, but don't let this convenient format fool you! This ancient extract of compressed vegetation harvested with sustainability in mind is the ULTIMATE in food-based superhero stuff!  Containing...

Ceylon Cinnamon - #1 spice

I add cinnamon to almost everything and I did some research to see what the best form of cinnamon is because there's so many varieties on the shelves. It turns out they're not all created equally and Ceylon Cinnamon (like the one I use from simply irganics) is full of...
by Darcee Dorrans

The Easist Rice You Will Try

I'm not sure if you have tried this Organic Konjac Rice from Better Than Rice but if you haven't you are missing out. I love that there are companies like this that are bringing us easy meal options that are HEALTHY! As a busy mom I always feel guilty when...
by Rachel C

Amazing Suppliment

Being vegan I like to cover all my bases. Especially being as active as I am. I recently started taking Pure-le Natural Easy Vitamins & Minerals Iron Powder and it is the perfect fit for my lifestyle. 
by Tricia Duliban

Mamaia Sylvia's Famous Crepes

Hey Guys, Julia here! This mother’s day was very different for most of us. Not being able to get together with family or see our beloved mothers and grandmothers wasn’t easy. I decided to make my grandmother’s famous crepe recipe but with a twist. She passed away just 5 years...
by Julia-Anna Berechet RHN

Bright Boost Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30

I received the Bright Boost Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30 from Neutrogena for free (#gotitfree) from ChickAdvisor in exchange for an honest review. This is an SPF lotion that can be used daily, alone or beneath make-up. It is very lightweight, and goes on very smoothly! One key thing to...

Do You Know What the Molecular Weight of Your Collagen Is?

Absorption is dependent on how well your Digestive system & G.1 tract is functioning.  So since we know that most North Americans have leaky gut syndrome there is one factor that can help with bioavailability of a nutrient and that is the molecular weight of the molecule of that nutrient....


Bought this HP all in one about a year ago to do basic stuff with it. Little did I know a year later I would need it to work from home during a pandemic crisis. This computer has been 100% reliable and take so little space. I'm so happy with...
by JMD Reviews

Whole food supplements VS Synthetic supplements, the winner is whole food supplements. See why.

I love whole food supplements.  I was recently introduced to Samuraw Organic Complete which is a whole food vitamin, mineral supplement containing 21 different vitamins and minerals made from real plant based foods plus an addition of 5 billion probiotics. I love the fact that it is made with natural, ...

Herb Cycling for Menstrual Health with Shatavari (Part One)

Like seed cycling, where you consume specific seeds during either the follicular or luteal phase of your cycle, herb cycling functions similarly to affect hormone balance as well.There are many herbs that can be considered, but to keep it simple, let's focus on one.While I've been seed cycling for quite...

I almost ate the whole bag! Yes of Laiki Crackers!

Have you ever tried something out for the first time and ended up eating almost the whole bag yourself in a sitting.  I just did!   Today I thought I'd buy a bag of these Laiki black rice crackers made with black rice, sea salt and palm oil. I thought they...

Healthy alternative to butter

This stuff is SO delicious on bread or even for cooking! I am OBSESSED!
by Marla Pietruszko

the best

It’s so difficult to find a protein powder that checks all the boxes. This one tastes great, doesn’t leave you with that bloated feeling And dissolves easily. I like the vanilla flavour to add to my smoothies.
by Adriana Paolella

Plant-based protein and nutrients in one convenient scoop!

Some people use protein powders every day to add additional protein to their diet, whether it be to boost your metabolism to lose weight or to build more muscle or even just a convenient way to add protein to your day! Other people try to add supplements to add more...

When I say this is one of my favourite lip products..

It's really saying something. My lips are constantly dry and flakey in the winter and I have tried over 50 (no exaggeration) different lip products (balms, sticks, glosses, oils, scrubs, jellies, mask- need I go on?) in a never-ending quest to be able to actually wear matte lipstick (if you've...

Can this be? ACV in a Gummie!

Hey Julia Here! Who doesn’t want the benefits of apple cider vinegar without the nasty taste?! This innovative gummie from goli Nutrition does just that. The first of its kind in providing this amazing health food in one small bite. My two year old was eager to try it out...
by Julia-Anna Berechet RHN

A Smart Vitamin for Smart Kids

I have very happy kids in my house when vitamin time comes, they never let me forget. This kids formula multivitamin from Smarty Pants hits all the marks for a kids vitamin. I think every parent worries that their children are getting a well rounded diet especially when kids can...
by Rachel C

Lift & Firm Your Face with a Purple Clay & Marula Oil Mask

These "single use" pods contain enough product to do at least 2 applications.I like to apply this when I get into the tub to relax for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off before I get out and towel off.The mask dries and hardens a bit but leaves your face soft...

All the benefits of the world’s most nutritious leaf without the mess

Moringa is so good for your body and I love adding it to my food and drinks. I add it to my salad dressings, teas and sometimes even my soup. Love these capsules because they aren’t messy and give me the option to swallow it or open them into my...

There is help for your liver, Detox your liver naturally!

Whether you’re looking to detoxify your body or to support your liver the Liv-Great Liver Formula has so many wonderful benefits all in a natural capsule. I love that I can detoxify my body in a healthy way and just add it to my regular daily routine. With toxins in...

Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Face Polish

I received the Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Face Polish from Neutrogena for free (#gotitfree) from ChickAdvisor in exchange for an honest review. This polish cleanses/exfoliates your face, leaving it looking and feeling both smooth and rejuvenated. I would recommend exfoliating using this product only twice weekly, for best results. My...

Great taste

Get your hot beverage fix without any caffeine, now that's a great product. Packed with antioxidants, helps boost heart health, reduce cancer risks and may benefit people with Diabetes, what more can you ask for?
by Madeeha

Light non greasy daily moisturizer

The My Clarins re-boost refreshing moisturizing cream and it feels very nice on my skin in the morning. The texture of the cream was very light and refreshing with no greasy feeling. Wonderful for under liquid foundation or pressed powder. The cream absorbed in quickly and my skin had no...
by Candice

Switch up your coffee routine

I have recently switched out my afternoon coffee for Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Root Tea. It’s got a nice strong flavour andi just steep it and mix it with a spoon of natural honey, yum! There are so many benefits to dandelion roots, from their vitamin content to a study done...
by Rachel C